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This part was probably the original church building--as you see, it now sprawls over a whole city block!

An enormous church, carefully hedged in with large trees. Probably would have to be photographed from the air to get the entire building--and that can get expensive!

Networks of wires in Norfolk--worked from the middle of a fairly busy street to get the angle, but there is no real way to clear the wires. I'm very glad you like it!

Thanks, Corey! It is a good example of how you get your money's worth from hiring an architect, I think. The site they must have owned for many years, as it is on a huge piece of property in a very desirable location.

Should have but didn't--just local info. I had made an incorrect assumption that the building two doors down had been a church--but in fact it had been a barber shop. It always pays to ask.

A few minutes after I left it did occur to me that I should have bought some water. It was a hot day.

Thank you David for this Like and Favorite!

Greetings, Tony.

Farmer Joe has his own greenhouse, and it is a huge one. I have eaten one of his tomatoes this week, and it was the best I have tasted in years. It was not as large as this one, however.

I have not yet eaten everything on the menu. It is extremely tastefully decorated inside in a startlingly avant-garde style, but I think the cuisine is intentionally down-home, served (at least at lunchtime) on thick white china. The bar area (at the farther end in this photo) is quite capacious and one can easily imagine it packed of an evening.

Linda imagem esta da Cruz de Malta, ainda mais que é símbolo também de meu time de futebol, o Vasco da Gama. Grande trabalho este seu, continue a nos brindar com estas imagens magnificas. Obrigado, e saudações cordiais do Brasil.



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