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Here are a few pieces of the puzzle of our universe. I hope you enjoy working with them: I know I have!

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Isn't that why you take me around? Not the best time of day for this church, however, and the wires are everywhere . . . .

And to think you were hauling your tripod around in the car all day! Still, very few of your pictures ever come out blurry--this one at 1/5 second certainly would have, I think.

My friend r.w. and his parking meter were holding me to an appointed hour, and I had great doubts of my being able to return if I were swallowed by that structure. More quarters, more pictures!

I was surprised and pleased that the church is open regular hours every day. I did have to wait until the caretaker finished vacuuming. There were actually three people carrying on a spirited conversation behind the pulpit, but as the pulpit is quite grand they can't be seen from this angle.

Thank you very much, r.w.! Most buildings are not very cooperative, so I try to catch them unawares. The afternoon sun usually helps with the colors, I think, but here it is before noon (in winter), although from the shadows I wouldn't have guessed--but I did just check the camera clock and it is right.

Thanks DW. Google decided that the photo I had posted on Google+ was the better of the two once I linked my Panoramio account to G+. I don't like all of this linking stuff that websites want us to do. It feels very intrusive.

Great interior shot! I like it! Best wishes, christian

Çok güzel fotoğraf.Mükemmel çekim.YS & Like.Selamlar,H.İbrahim

Merci bien L'O-d-B pour cette confirmation de mon grand talent hahaha ;-)))

Maggie, I walk a lot in the town and I have a chase to see such scenes for your pleasure……..

Merci chère Dida von Augburg

Merry Christmas and Happy and Great New all of you…..




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