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Thank you, r.w.! Yes, it stopped me dead as I was innocently speeding homeward, and I did go back to pay some attention to it. Great location, but I think no longer dispensing gas.

Or as with so many romantic snakes, he may only have been attracted by a mass of coils. Sometimes we can't tell head from tail . . . .

This is the largest species of snake in Virginia, although this is a young and fairly fast-moving specimen who soon disappeared under the Ranger Station. These harmless snakes are major assistance to farmers in controlling rodent populations, so the more of them the better! More information is available at Google

I had taken the camera off the tripod in order to get a few closer shots of the snake, as I turned back to remount the camera I saw that these ducks had moved in on me to ensure the snake's safety--they had actually followed us for about twenty yards, and here they were at my feet! I am certainly thankful for your L&F, as Google hath taken a dimmer view of them . . . .

Thank you, mr. dawson! Nice crosslighting at 3 PM. I suppose I should be more mindful of safety rails, but they can contribute some scale to the scene.

I think it is intended as a modern interpretation of a teepee, but it might well have been created by the long-lived Sibley Company. As I am without water transport, this is as close as I could get to investigate.

Six images of one object, and an L&F from you--I love it, anyway!

I have discovered that if one drives and drives, every once in a while he creeps out from under the cloud cover; and occasionally there is time to raise a tripod and take a few shots before the cover can catch up. In recent days certainly there have been many more clouds per mile than we like . . . .

Thank you very much, mr. dawson! The environment has so many complex elements that it is sometimes difficult to choose a particular portion of it to record.

I do encourage visitors who come to visit Smith's Fort Plantation Manor House to go on the additional half mile trip to the 1609 ruins if the weather has not been particularly bad, as from here it is easy to see for oneself why Captain John Smith chose this site as a retreat for the Jamestown settlers in the event that Jamestown itself was attacked or overrun. And as Powhatan himself later used this landmark to determine a boundary point for his dower gift of this land to John Rolfe when Rolfe married his adult daughter Pocahontas in 1614, the mystique of the site resonates with almost all who visit.

According to their official website, "God has lengthened our chords and broaden our stake to expand Kingdom Ministries Church with a new edifice on February 2011 located at 472 Harpersville, Rd, Newport News. Va." One must suppose that lengthening of chords and broadening of stakes is a process of time, so that all things including steeples may come to those who wait. Try to stay calm, r.w.!

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