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A man of peace has no enemies.

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Evidently not Googlical Mapsical, anyway.

Search Google: you may be pleasantly surprised.

Always nice to see a familiar face! L&F!

I am glad you are keeping so well-read, r.w., but it is wise to consider a). Leader of the Universe Smith saw himself as the PR Man in Chief for the frail Virginia experiment, and from the comfort of home in England after the summer of 1609 was most content to castigate the efforts of all who preceded and succeeded him. And indeed if the Bermudas survivors had not straggled in in early 1610 with a little bit of food, keeping the remaining sixty starving colonists alive until the arrival of Lord De la Warre and his fat fleet two weeks later, there would be nothing to relate of Jamestown at all at all--another "Lost Colony." Squirrels there might have been, aye, and acorns and berries: but after Captain Smith left, the Native Americans surrounded slightly fortified Jamestown, and the settlers were left with a choice between eating dirt and each other.

Kicotan (now Hampton) fared relatively much better because they were not beseiged and they had fish and shellfish, and evidently it was not so cold there as it was upriver: but they were just a little defensive outpost for the Jamestowne seat of government.

That explains why I am OUTDOORS FREEZING, feverishly taking pictures, anyway. I hope you will join me soon, whenever you can escape the press of your employment and the oppression of gray wintry skies.

As well as Black Vultures, anyway . . . .

One of the great mysteries of civilization.

It was New Year's Eve--the ticks were waiting for Champagne.

They had forgot to send the wagon for my luggage. So I had to drive all the way home.



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