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I regret not everyone goes camping with the same gusto. But today there are some very nice resorts in some very remote places, thanks to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Don't tell me the 1% is good for nothing--who else would buy wedding gowns in the tens of thousands of dollars for location weddings deep in Tannu Touva, or on the remotest beaches of Papua?

Two immediate advantages spring to mind: the presence of beauty spas when one is overcome by boredom so far from home, and the fact that one does not have to march about with Sibley tents for one's shelter.

Thank you Wally. This one is in slow motion restoration. It was in the process a few years ago when I was there also.

I am persuaded. Excellent detective work, Sr. Zanzi, thank you very much for your contribution!

Doug Reynolds

Gracias Douglas W. Reynolds por el cordial comentario a mi foto.

Este edificio alberga las sedes de la capitanía marítima y de la oficina de control marítimo del puerto de La Coruña. Está situada sobre un antiguo peñasco (la peña de las Ánimas), hoy unido a tierra al haberse integrado en el dique de abrigo del puerto coruñés.

Dear Corey! Thank you much for your visit and comments!

Día lluvioso el que hacía cuando tomé la fotografía en el santuario mariano más importante de la región española de Asturias.

Me alegro, Mr. Reynolds, de que le haya gustado tanto mi fotografía.

Saludos desde La Coruña, en el noroeste de España.

Gracias, Douglas W. Reynolds, por su grato comentario a mi foto.

La vista corresponde a la ría de La Coruña, ciudad que se encuentra a la izquierda de lo que se ve en la foto.

Thank you, Sr. Vilas! I am delighted!

Thank you very much, Sr. Vilas! I approached the bridge at a happy time of day, and when I found I had no vehicles behind me I stopped the car and spent some time in acquiring the photograph. The truck to the left was parked and I do not know where the driver was.

I am very glad you liked the picture. The bridge itself reminds older Americans of the Gilbert Erector Sets that they played with as children, with all the crossed girders. This is a real classic, although relatively short.

Best wishes from Virginia!

Doug Reynolds



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