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Thank you, r.w.! I wonder if the flag's position is a political statement?

Told you the GPS was acting up--only say the word (i.e. give me the right location) and I will be delighted to correct it--I wasn't driving that day . . . .

There you are, one hand clapping. The cattle reason that if you cannot see the forest, you cannot see them, either--and already they are fading away . . . .

It--it--shades of J.B., now I have to explain the GEOLOGY? It isn't really a road exactly, just a driveway leading into a parking area, and what with flash floods, rockslides and earthquakes it is hard to maintain from one photograph to the next. The gate is harder to explain, but not everyone comes to see my pictures anyway. You're 'posed to be looking at the pretty trees . . . .

Beautiful view and landscape. Like. Greetings


Thank you very much, Corey! It's one of the happy times when you can stand in the middle of the road and take your time: the nearest car is still on the ferry which is several minutes from arriving!

Thanks a lot, Corey! It sure was a beautiful morning! I'm glad I was able to share it with you!


Again we are a model for Italy, as we continue to build larger prisons, or hand prisoners over to private enterprise prisons under contract.

On the other hand if your subject here is an example of what you have imprisoned, "O Brave New World, that has such creatures in it!", as Shakespeare would say . . . .

Newport News, Virginia, home of Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, to be wakened every morning by bugle calls or military helicopters from Fort Eustis on Mulberry Island, or by military jets taking off from Langley Air Force Base ("the Sound of Freedom" as these poor saps call it), if you call that living . . . .



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