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I hope you enjoy my site. I was quite an early Panoramioist and think it fantastic that, with 100,000,000 pictures to choose from, some of you will look at mine - Thank you! Apart from a severe case of NAS, I'm just a point and shoot photographer. I usually take about 10 seconds to compose and take the shot. Most of my stuff is HDR and will remain so until digital sensors can capture the same tonal range as the human eye, i.e. for quite a while.
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Hi Nick, if, by exotic location, you mean the sewage works then you are right - exotic - you actually have to pay to go in. All the best William

Hi Andrew, thanks very much for the compliment! What I need is more time to practice - preferably in a similar location ;-) Cheers, William

You'll be glad to hear that I didn't have to fish this one out of the swimming pool!

Nick, sort of - these swifts were streaming over the swimming pool and drinking so I thought I'd get some shots. About 100 shots later I realised that they were flying rather fast! Things worked better if i was in their line of flight as you could anticipate when they came into the field of focus and loose of a few shots. Then I noticed a few weren't quite as practiced and tried to see what was happening. The other shot was, I believe, a miscalculation resulting in a "wet out". Otherwise I think that some swifts were deliberately diving in for a bath. Cheers, William

Well spotted Nick, Motmots apparently create their own racquet tails by pecking their tail feathers - perhaps this chap needs more practice. Lovely looking birds - they operate a bit like Magpies here - robbing nests and so forth! All the best, William

Hi Nick, I frequently regret selling my 300mm f2.8 but the new 80-400mm gives extra reach and, more importantly, I can carry it through the jungle without needing a sherpa! Thanks for all your comments - much appreciated. Cheers, William

Blends in very well

Great work ~ well done

Well you must have really enjoyed yourself



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