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I hope you enjoy my site. I was quite an early Panoramioist and think it fantastic that, with 100,000,000 pictures to choose from, some of you will look at mine - Thank you! Apart from a severe case of NAS, I'm just a point and shoot photographer. I usually take about 10 seconds to compose and take the shot. Most of my stuff is HDR and will remain so until digital sensors can capture the same tonal range as the human eye, i.e. for quite a while.

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Hi Jim and Vladimir, one of my favourite pictures too. Brings back the best of our Winters -unlike this year! Special thanks for the YSL Jim.

Regards, Herb

I haven't posted my other 2500 photos... This coconut tree growing out of a rock was especially strange.

Thanks William, I'll see how it differs to mine.

Thanks Trolvag I took some photos here earlier in the day but the later ones seem better to me too. Cheers, William

Hi Trolvag, so do I! the salt air at the coast meant that this lot was very rusty. Cheers, William

My left shoulder is wrecked! The sling didn't really work with binoculars as well and at this point I was still smiling as I didn't have my rucksack with water, spare lens, poncho, lunch.... All good fun though - Cheers, William

HI Nick, the Tufted Coquette is the second smallest bird in the world, allegedly! Beaten only by the Bee Hummingbird in Cuba. Thinks... must go to Cuba to take photos of hummingbirds and old cars... Cheers, William

HI Paolo Thanks very much for your LIKE! I'm glad you enjoy this picture. In fact, it was calm in the valley but very windy up on the ridge. Ciao, William

In my experience, it is probably the best place I've been for bird photography! Relatively calm birds of spectacular varieties.

Cheers, William

Hi Nick, if, by exotic location, you mean the sewage works then you are right - exotic - you actually have to pay to go in. All the best William



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