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I am a Boston area photographer/artist that travels frequently and particularly likes to shoot photos of manhole covers, clouds, seaweed, rocks, trees and rivers from new vantage points and that have unique and peculiar features. As a young boy, I climbed around many of the same places, except now I have a bit more visual wisdom of my middle age, a good camera, and a supportive wife (she does all my framing) and 2 children (they keep me young). -- All of my panoramas were and are taken as a series of photos in sequence and stitched together in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. -- Shooting sequences to the left or right is called panning the camera, thus a panorama. Shooting sequences up and down is called tilting the camera, thus I invented the word tilitorama. The experience of shooting the starting and ending shots and the many shots along the path in between is part of the task at hand. In this way the action of moving my eyes around the scene, is similar to the tradition of video, film and even painting. The technical controls of focus, exposure and time, as well as capturing specific moments, is in the tradition of photography. I am constantly in a process of integrating and balancing these traditions. The fact that most of these digital photo images contain enough pixel detail to print over 8 feet long on canvas and other materials, is non-traditional -- If you would like to see more of my photos, check out my photo website -- FG

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This red rock is about 3 feet in diameter and could have been part of a prehistoric geological pasta dinner.

This was the bridge where the movie Love Story ended.

This was my morning view from the hotel where they served candied grasshoppers in the breakfast buffet. No I didn't eat any.

My father made an oil painting of this bridge with a similar view. Soon this bridge will undergo a new coat of paint, thanks to Mayor Menino.

This photo was shot in the summertime, but it was cold and rainy that day, so no people showed up.

Don't you love that sketch on the pole? I guess the artist ran out of paper.

Yup. 50 foot tides. That's a lot of water moving in and out.

This was the site of the infamous Playboy Hotel and Casino. The only Playboy casino in the western hemisphere. Opened in 1981 and was sold by Hef in 1983.

These are Egg Shaped Anaerobic Digesters not recycle pods. Wastewater sludges are broken down into digester gas (used by the facility to help power the facility) while the stabilized biosolids are converted to fertilizer pellets.

Wiscasset, where the rocks and lobsters reign.


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