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I like and love landscape as natural as can be. so called "civilisation" is always visible and around us in Central Europe, especially Switzerland. I like various whether, dramatic wheater, all kinds of moods. Long before mobiles got cams on board, I would always carry my latest digital camera with me to grab the unexpected when it hits my soul. Back in school, I got fascinated by photography, but in those days, it was quite expensive and many so often films in the camera body would get yellow because I did not manage to fill them. Therefore, I left photography behind. When digital cams arose, I reconnected and began taking pictures again - now cheap (except for the cam). I also love and respect any kind of animals, cats are my favourite ones. Currently, Because I respect them with their needs, I currently have no cat - because I cannot offer it what it deserves for a natural living. I hope to see more of the world and landscapes everywhere .. i cannot afford going too far away from Switzerland (yes, it is a rich country but there are also people who are not part of it).


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