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1970 Zhengzhou ditch Zhao suburbs farm 19 even, in 1972 studied at the Tianjin Railway Engineering School, graduating in 1974 after working in Zhengzhou Railway Bureau. He has participated in domestic railway large, medium-sized railway construction. 1988 overseas projects in Kuwait; participate in Guangzhou, the Longhai railway speed several times. In Africa and Guinea, Ethiopia, Botswana to participate in local road construction projects. Now retired at home] to continue my amateur photography, creative!

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Maxing Zheng East Village has a long history of cultural history, the village has a rare ancient building, formerly known as "the door to floor" official door first, can now be said to be "Big House." In the past the old society, people are a horse into the East Village's most dazzling history, it is striking to be regarded as "Big House" was. It's just the right majestic history of the horse in the East Village, located east and west and north and south street street junction, located in the East History Ma village center. "Big Family" ancient architecture magnificent, magnificent, it is hope and respect. There are a large plaque hanging above letter vigorous and effective, forceful fresh pen, and it seems Jin Guangyao eye four golden characters "auxiliary wing of the government", Xiashou inscribed at the administrative commissioner governor Rende Run press Mandarins rating "Nine eighteen" Every so have a positive, from the other. it is a column of check-ranking officials from the two products Rende Run Chief governor. two at the hanging Rende Run's brother Ren Qingxin plaque read "look heavy dry city," the word, two large plaque, door one article, two one Wu, a text of a force embraced, pleased as interesting, as times change, the ups and downs, after vicissitudes, North plaque has gone. but two of the seal "gracious gate House deep" Twentysomething is still fresh in clearly visible. "big House" building, guest houses, rooms and other buildings covers 1196 square meters (which does not include small passenger house), small passenger 1970s house has been demolished Lee extended stay in the village, built into the brigade office room. the total area of 1978 square meters homestead. all aspects of information access to research, this ancient building built before Qianlong in the industry, about AD 1775 (Qianlong four decades) before AD 1838 (dynasty 18 years that is linked to "auxiliary wing of the government" on the completion of the plaque, after Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Xianfeng, Tongzhi and Guangxu, Xuantong, Republic now has eight dynasty from 233 years of history, built by people from any monarch election (the ancestor DELHI) played Rende Run hanging plaque upload completed, after four generations of 63 years construction time, due to construction craftsmen carved, intricate, seamless, lifelike this and other skilled masterpiece is rare, and therefore is able to fulfill a short time. to Rende Run, Qingxin, Kun Kun Ringer period was the heyday of the family business, then has 32 ares of land as much as two items from the Qing imperial official high-ranking officials, so-called official Gaojue is significant in this end of the Royal gift "auxiliary wing of the political" big plaque. longstanding, although the roof renovation, but the building style has not changed, in the vicinity of the village so it is rare buildings left intact

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