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The countryside to the suburbs of Zhengzhou ditch Zhao Farm 19 even in 1971, studied at the Tianjin Railway Engineering School in May 1972, graduating in June 1974 at the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau infrastructure.43 years to participate in the domestic large and medium-sized railway infrastructure construction projects.And in 1988 began to enter the overseas projects, Kuwait, to participate in the Beijing-Guangzhou Longhai railway speed in the 1990s. 2002 Guinea projects in Africa, in Ethiopia, Botswana in 2010 to participate in the local road construction project. Now reached retirement age.At home with dignity!

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Dragon Palace is located in the southern suburbs of Anshun City, Guizhou Province, with Huangguoshu scenic area adjacent to 116 kilometers from the provincial capital Guiyang. Dragon Palace is the most mature of Guizhou reception conditions, landscape most essential prime tourist spots. Dragon Palace Scenic river cave is mainly amazed by it, and set dry caves, canyons, waterfalls, peaks, cliffs, River, Stone and other karst geological landscape as one of the national key scenic spots. China has the longest and most beautiful water cave, the largest cave temple China, China's largest cave waterfall, the world's lowest natural radiation dose rate, the world's largest, most concentrated high-grade scenic upland cave resources. Dragon Palace is also the game "Fantasy Westward Journey" in one of 12 sects.



Fengdu Ghost Town is located in the southeast edge of the Sichuan Basin , located in the Yangtze River . Is Seven Mile hometown. It is an ancient mountain surface water , spring , said "Pakistan do not have children ," it is from Chongqing Three Gorges tour along the first tourist attractions. Here is the legend of the soul after death destination place . " Ghost town" of Fengdu , ancient trees on the mountains , temples everywhere, in the huge netherworld where mystical interpretation of Confucianism, the temple of the gods ghosts entrenched , hierarchical , their duties and harsh punishment Jun Fa ruled legend ghost World . Fengdu ghost town dating back more than two thousand years of history , has always been treated as the fate of the land of human souls . Origin of the name : Fengdu Ghost City of Fengdu , the ancient cultural city, is China's most distinctive, the most famous historical and cultural town , with its Fengdu as netherworld where the rich culture enjoys ghost born at all times . Fengdu ghost town with its long history and unique culture, fantastic legends , beautiful scenery and difficult to replace ornamental value, rare and unique ghost Cultural Studies carrier source of foreign tourists to show the mysterious oriental god Shao . Fengdu " ghost town" built by people with imagination " netherworld ", people with imagination , with a similar legal mechanism has built world " pandemonium ", " gates of hell ", " Yin and Yang ", " eighteen layers of hell " and a series underworld organization .


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