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The countryside to the suburbs of Zhengzhou ditch Zhao Farm 19 even in 1971, studied at the Tianjin Railway Engineering School in May 1972, graduating in June 1974 at the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau infrastructure.43 years to participate in the domestic large and medium-sized railway infrastructure construction projects.And in 1988 began to enter the overseas projects, Kuwait, to participate in the Beijing-Guangzhou Longhai railway speed in the 1990s. 2002 Guinea projects in Africa, in Ethiopia, Botswana in 2010 to participate in the local road construction project. Now reached retirement age.At home with dignity!

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State-level scenic spots, AAAA level tourist area, the National Geological Park, National Forest Park, China ecological demonstration zone - Yesanpo Laishui County in Hebei Province, northwest of the northern section of the Taihang Mountains, bordering with the Fangshan District of Beijing, from the city center only 100 km. This peculiar distribution of both the natural landscape, and ancient historical relics left behind, known as "paradise," said. Yesanpo to "male, dangerous, extraordinary, quiet," famous, scenic total area of ​​600 square kilometers, is a landscape-dong, flowers, trees, birds, fish and insects, all-encompassing cultural attractions, nothing is surprising integrated natural beauty of the whole. There are exactly like the Juma River Guilin scenery, spectacle-shaped valleys, such as gods, strange deep cave, strange bizarre mystery spring, the answer obscure Jinhua Mountain, roots Baizu plank road, temples, preserved Pingxi Anti-Japanese Martyrs cemetery and the construction of the ethnic minority villages and other cultural landscape, tourist resources unique style. Here you can ride, sand boarding, designated rafts, fireworks, at the evening campfire, taste roast whole, you can also enjoy the wonderful ethnic dance performances, and participate in, which leads to fun to do in the "Yesanpo of the trip. "

There are barricades resembles the scenery of Guilin, a world wind of the canyon rare spectacle of a deep and treacherous cave, a mysterious puzzling fish spring, as well as vigorous Cliff, majestic Great Wall, well-preserved Pingxi Japanese Martyrs and other cultural landscape, the local folk simple, unique, Yesanpo called "72 King" King King strange, "Eighty-peak" peak spectacular, is a comprehensive natural beauty of the whole, focused and a "wild", it is Deng wild, view scenery and wildlife, wild places in homes, food game, play wild. Known as "paradise," said welcomes you for sightseeing.



June 12, 2011 Dubai, United Arab Emirates fly to Beijing from the Airbus 380 flight plans 10 hours, close to Beijing when the climate can not be landed because Beijing had the first in South Korea later this fall, to be landed at Beijing airport can be only from Seoul, South Korea and then fly to Beijing. To Beijing than the normal nine and a half hours late, the plane of the instant noodles are eaten to the last.


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