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1970 Zhengzhou ditch Zhao suburbs farm 19 even, in 1972 studied at the Tianjin Railway Engineering School, graduating in 1974 after working in Zhengzhou Railway Bureau. He has participated in domestic railway large, medium-sized railway construction. 1988 overseas projects in Kuwait; participate in Guangzhou, the Longhai railway speed several times. In Africa and Guinea, Ethiopia, Botswana to participate in local road construction projects. Now retired at home] to continue my amateur photography, creative!
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Yulong Snow Mountain, dangerous, extraordinary, the United States, show the world, magnificent, exquisite beauty, landscape Yulong Snow Mountain, with the changes in seasonal and confront the sometimes cloud steaming Xia Wei, Yulong hidden now; sometimes azure water and crystal peaks bright; sometimes cloud band around your waist, Xuefeng bright, cloud, cloud under Gangluan Beatrice; sometimes glow shine, the Xuefeng such as Phi Hongsha extremely delicate and charming. The temperature difference between the mountain foot, vegetation is the most direct and significant standard. Poet blog years "the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain, warm pen and affection female smell Doll" wrote: "Jade Dragon mountains, year-round snow and days together. Cloud does not love the peak, Ling Ling wash; crags such as swords, suspected wind chop is bitter no life, not like the southern Woody. Ling flow led me to Mankind suddenly Seoul awakened suddenly surprised - but surrounded by mud, inadvertently, fragrant grass. "from the perspective of exploration tour to depict and reflect the shengjing Yulong snow-capped mountains of the geographical and cultural conditions. Yulong Snow Mountain peak fan steep elevation of 5596 meters, is the world's northern hemisphere latitude lowest and highest peaks. It is located northwest of Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China, north - south direction, 13 km from east to west, north and south about 35 kilometers long, the confrontation with the Haba Snow Mountain, the surging Jinsha Pentium meantime. Yulong Snow Mountain in the Naxi known as the "wave of stone Ouro", which means white sand of silver rock. From north to south the vertical arrangement of the whole snow-capped mountains from 13 to peak, stretches nearly 50 km, 13 km wide from east to west. Yulong Snow Mountain is not only magnificent, and beautiful and tall and straight, modeling exquisite, bright as crystal, jade, bright as swords 13, against the background of blue sky, flying like a silver Yulong eternal, hence the name Yulong Hill. Because the lithology of the Yulong Snow Mountain is mainly limestone and basalt, black and white, it is also known as "black and white snow-capped mountains. Yulong Snow Mountain, Naxi, and Lijiang of all ethnic groups the eyes of a sacred mountain, the Yulong Snow Mountain landscape protection of the Naxi God, "three" is the embodiment of the Yulong Snow Mountain, so far, Lijiang also held annual grand three section. Tang Dynasty the Nanzhao country differences Mou to find the times Nanzhao different Mu seeking closure Yue, geb Bestowing the Yulong Snow Mountain Beiyue, so far north, Baisha Village Yuemiao surviving, still courtyard deep, the Buddha's brilliance. The geb pilgrims can go on the way. Yuan Dynasty in the early years, when Kublai Khan to Lijiang, had sealed the Yulong Snow Mountain "Story snow Shek North Yuean Bang, the emperor", so far north, Baisha Village Yuemiao surviving still courtyard deep Buddha's brilliance. The geb pilgrims can go on the way. Yulong Snow Mountain fascinated by virtue of their stunning scenery and mysterious legends, and so far still is no one to conquer the virgin peak. In 1988, the Yulong Snow Mountain in the name of the Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Spot, the State Council approved the inclusion of the second batch list of state-level scenic spots. May 8, 2007, the Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Spot by the China National Tourism Administration formally approved the national 5A scenic spots.

Ancient city of Lijiang in southwest China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang City, Lijiang Old Town, also known as Dayan Town, Lijiang Old Town is located in the middle of the Lijiang Dam, and for the second batch of national historical and cultural city Langzhong Pingyao, Shanxi, Anhui Shexianreferred to as "the best preserved of the four city" it is the ancient city of one of two Chinese historical and cultural city walls. (The other is Shexian) is said to be due to the hereditary rulers of Lijiang surname wooden fortification is bound, such as framing made ​​of wood word "sleepy" so. Old Town of Lijiang Naxi name of "consolidate this knowledge", the "Gong" granary, "knowledge" that is fair, we can see the ancient city of Lijiang was the land of granary distribution. Lijiang Old Town was founded in the early Song Dynasty (late 13th century). The ancient city is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, 2,400 meters above sea level, the whole city area of ​​3.8 square kilometers, has always been known for the mart and center.

束河古镇处于丽江所有景区的核心部位,是游览丽江古城、玉龙雪山、泸沽湖、长江第一湾和三江并流风景区的枢纽点。从丽江古城往北,沿中济海东侧的大路程行约四公里,便见两边山脚下一片密集的村落,这就是被称为清泉之乡的束河古镇 。当年徐霞客游芝山解脱林时,曾走过此道,在他的记述中这样写道:"过一枯涧石桥,西瞻中海,柳暗波萦,有大聚落临其上,是为十和院"。"十和"即今 束河古镇之古称。

外滩(The Bund),位于上海市中心黄浦区的黄浦江畔,它是上海的风景线,周围还有东方明珠、金贸大厦等地标景观,是到上海观光的游客必到之地。外滩自1943年起又名为中山东一路,全长约1.5公里。它南起延安东路,北至苏州河上的外白渡桥,东临黄浦江,西面是由哥特式、罗马式、巴洛克式、中西合壁式等52幢风格迥异的古典复兴大楼所组成的旧上海时期的金融中心、外贸机构的集中带,被誉为“万国建筑博览群”。

外滩(The Bund),位于上海市中心黄浦区的黄浦江畔,它是上海的风景线,周围还有东方明珠、金贸大厦等地标景观,是到上海观光的游客必到之地。外滩自1943年起又名为中山东一路,全长约1.5公里。它南起延安东路,北至苏州河上的外白渡桥,东临黄浦江,西面是由哥特式、罗马式、巴洛克式、中西合壁式等52幢风格迥异的古典复兴大楼所组成的旧上海时期的金融中心、外贸机构的集中带,被誉为“万国建筑博览群”。

外滩(The Bund),位于上海市中心黄浦区的黄浦江畔,它是上海的风景线,周围还有东方明珠、金贸大厦等地标景观,是到上海观光的游客必到之地。外滩自1943年起又名为中山东一路,全长约1.5公里。它南起延安东路,北至苏州河上的外白渡桥,东临黄浦江,西面是由哥特式、罗马式、巴洛克式、中西合壁式等52幢风格迥异的古典复兴大楼所组成的旧上海时期的金融中心、外贸机构的集中带,被誉为“万国建筑博览群”。

Lugu Lake is located in the the Ninglang northern Yongning Township and Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, left side of the mountain a pair of Lugu Lake fell into the village from the the Ninglang city 73 kilometers, about 200 kilometers away from Lijiang Old Town. Lugu Lake as Sichuan and Yunnan provinces and boundary lakes. Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, Sichuan, about the total area of ​​2/3, 1/3 of the total area of Yunnan Province. Than Yunnan, Sichuan side of the shore line of shoreline longer. Lugu Lake area over 50 square kilometers, 2690 meters above sea level, with an average depth of 45 m, maximum depth of 93 meters, the transparency of up to 11 meters, maximum visibility of 12 meters, the lake is clear and blue, is the highest elevation lakes in Yunnan, but also the most freshwater lakes. Five of the lake island, three Peninsula and a seawall tombolo, of various shapes, jade-green.Lugu Lake is known as the "pearl of the plateau," said. Zhu Caochuan the lake islands Tingtingyuli, the different patterns, lush forest, green picturesque, and proximity to the meantime, forming, clear as a mirror, embellished with algal blooms, slowly glide in the blue above and slowly floating dry extravagant shuttle between water and sky folk songs, it adds a bit quaint, a bit quiet, away from the clamor City, uncontaminated virgin lake. In November 2009, Lugu Lake Lugu Lake location data from Baidu map, Baidu map data the final results shall prevail. A jury of experts of the national tourist attractions classified as AAAA-class scenic spots.


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