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The countryside to the suburbs of Zhengzhou ditch Zhao Farm 19 even in 1971, studied at the Tianjin Railway Engineering School in May 1972, graduating in June 1974 at the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau infrastructure.43 years to participate in the domestic large and medium-sized railway infrastructure construction projects.And in 1988 began to enter the overseas projects, Kuwait, to participate in the Beijing-Guangzhou Longhai railway speed in the 1990s. 2002 Guinea projects in Africa, in Ethiopia, Botswana in 2010 to participate in the local road construction project. Now reached retirement age.At home with dignity!

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埃塞俄比亚Addis Abeba 希尔顿Hilton

埃塞俄比亚Addis Abeba from Entptp

埃塞俄比亚Addis Abeba deleopol 酒店

埃塞俄比亚 Afra 118项目清晨上班的工人

Ethiopia Afra bridge construction camps, to the services we provide housing, equipment life is full of all kinds!


Afar is a human origin. 350 years ago who Bureau species of fossil Lucy (Amharic called Dinkinesh) is found in the Afar region. There's an active volcano Dallol, located 120 meters below sea level Danajier hollow (the Danakil depression) is one of the world's lowest point in the ground.

Zhengzhou, Henan Province China Cotton Textile Factory road to military production has a large state-owned cotton company. 80 years of house wine when we lived in a small house plant inside the door 6m2, until 86 years when it is moved back to urban living, humane Road, very strong at that time!


Guangxi Nanning Boulevard beautiful scenery


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