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The countryside to the suburbs of Zhengzhou ditch Zhao Farm 19 even in 1971, studied at the Tianjin Railway Engineering School in May 1972, graduating in June 1974 at the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau infrastructure.43 years to participate in the domestic large and medium-sized railway infrastructure construction projects.And in 1988 began to enter the overseas projects, Kuwait, to participate in the Beijing-Guangzhou Longhai railway speed in the 1990s. 2002 Guinea projects in Africa, in Ethiopia, Botswana in 2010 to participate in the local road construction project. Now reached retirement age.At home with dignity!
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Nyingchi Airport altitude of 2949 meters, 4334 meters below the Qamdo Bangda airport and 3,570 m of Gongga Airport, in the domestic civil airports ranked fifth. However, the airport is located in the Brahmaputra valley in southeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, surrounded by more than 4000 meters perennial a cloud above the high ranges, aircraft movements only in the narrow winding valley of the flight, the flight path from the valley on both sides of the narrowest part of the ridge is not to 4 km; another airport, weather and more low clouds, wind direction and variable wind shear and other disorders associated with air, 14 points to 18 points a day time wind speed increased to 27 m / s, much higher than the Boeing 757 aircraft to 15 meters / seconds airworthiness standards, the aircraft can take off and land using time of the morning, according to meteorological statistics throughout the year the airport is only 100 days total time of airworthiness

Baoding Park is located in Zhaoqing City Dinghushan Dinghushan days Lake, covering about 13,000 square meters, surrounded by park, Castle Peak, beautiful. In Baoding Park under "Dinghu" (Peak of the lake) and the adjacent valley opened up a new line of Butterfly Valley Adventure travel, able to view the podophylla rare plants such as the national level, and natural forest beauty, seven, eight waterfall, run over an hour, very popular with tourists.


March 7, 2010, under a lot of peach Zhengzhou snow, the scenery is very charming!

埃塞俄比亚阿法尔logia 著名的酒店,那里的羊肉和当地粗粮做的英吉拉味道是很好的!

Ethiopia 118 k156 iron Qiju camp, where the temperature has reached the current speed of 60 degrees, and personnel of the Department where the project is very hard to make an outstanding contribution to the Ethiopian people!

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is located southwest of Junggar Banner, Ordos Plateau east, Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi provinces border zone. The total area of 7539 square kilometers the whole flag, with a total population of 27.6 million people, a provincial economic development zone under its jurisdiction, 9 townships: Xuejiawan, road town, Qaidam Town, Longkou Town, Zhungeer called town shagedu town, Nari Song Town, warm town, Boolean TAO Hai hematoxylin. Flag House Xuejiawan 128 kilometers north is the regional capital Hohhot, Baotou Steel City adjacent to 180 km, 650 km east from the capital Beijing, 138 km west of Ordos City. Zhungeer vast territory and rich resources. Proven coal reserves of 54.4 billion tons and prospective reserves of 100 billion tons, and the geological structure is simple, shallow, thick coal seams, low gas, easy to exploit, fever are within the 6,000 kcal / kg for high-quality steam coal and the coal chemical industry ; total reserves of five billion tons of limestone, high grade calcium oxide content of 52.92%; total reserves of 100 million tons of bauxite, ore bed stability, low-grade showed the characteristics of high-silicon aluminum; addition, kaolin, pyrite, dolomite, quartz sand reserves are quite large, especially the very substantial reserves of coal bed methane, coal chemical industry is a rare domestic resources. Abundant water resources. Yellow River over 24.8 billion cubic meters of water, the state approved 200 million cubic meters of Yellow River water use indicators, not use the existing 80%; annual precipitation total 3 billion cubic meters; total 430 million cubic meters of annual runoff; groundwater proved reserves of 2.85 billion cubic meters of annual extraction volume is 055 million cubic meters; reservoir dam storage capacity of 180 million cubic meters of total annual water supply 50 million cubic meters; has built capacity of 100,000 cubic meters daily water supply, water works 1. Yellow River water, reservoir water, groundwater can meet the needs of industrial development. Unique power resources. Has been completed and put into operation two thermal power plants have installed capacity of 860,000 kilowatts; Station 1, installed capacity of 1.08 million kilowatts; annual generation capacity of eight billion degrees; 500 kV, 220 kV, 110 kV power transmission project have been supporting, and power supply radius, price low, high energy price 0.266 yuan / kWh, is a national minimum price. Transportation is very convenient. Electrified railway within a large prospective, quasi-Eastern Railway and the railway under construction and proposed call quasi-Huaihe River Railway, the annual freight capacity of close to 100 million tons, is the province to Beijing to Qinhuangdao, an important gateway to the Huanghua Port; 109 State Road east-west, in the construction of Hohhot to Erdos highway passes through, and completion of the call package, including East Highway as a single entity, all trips less than 3 hours. Very broad area of land and resources. All flags are advised to franchisor grass area of 800 mu, benefit from the cattle and sheep breeding; agricultural and livestock products are pure natural green food; rich red fruits and other sea fruits, annual output 10 million kg. Unique tourism resources. A stone lined, Tianshui same color of the Yellow River Valley style; a monk temple linked together the largest response in Ordos Palace Extensive Bao Tong Temple, the temple complex; a full thousand years old pines and unique in the "China Pine King"; a Mongolian national in perfect harmony Wonderful folk art, "Man Han stressed."




1-km Qinghai-Tibet railway where the length of the slope to reduce the lines, show a long line of 10 km, forming a huge S-Line. Train ran for a long time before you will find it a little way away, as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway a big attraction!


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