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1970 Zhengzhou ditch Zhao suburbs farm 19 even, in 1972 studied at the Tianjin Railway Engineering School, graduating in 1974 after working in Zhengzhou Railway Bureau. He has participated in domestic railway large, medium-sized railway construction. 1988 overseas projects in Kuwait; participate in Guangzhou, the Longhai railway speed several times. In Africa and Guinea, Ethiopia, Botswana to participate in local road construction projects. Now retired at home] to continue my amateur photography, creative!
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Shenyang Imperial Palace, formerly known as Mukden palace, after the Mukden palace. Located in Shenyang City, River District, the old city center of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Covers an area of ​​about 60,000 square meters, between the building of more than 90, more than 300. Was founded in the Later Jin destiny decade (seized the five-year, 1625), into the early Qing Zonta first year (Chong, 2009, 1637). The Shunzhi first year (1644), the Qing shift are Beijing, to become the provisional capital of the palace. From Emperor Kangxi (1671) to nine years of Daoguang (1829), the Qing dynasty emperor 11 East Tour ancestors Yeling had stationed incurred here, and some expansion. Shenyang Imperial Palace is existing in China, second only to the Forbidden City in Beijing, the most complete palace, inherited the tradition of Chinese ancient architecture architectural art, mainly Han Chinese traditional architectural style and layout of both the Mongolian, Manchu and other ethnic styles and layout. with high historical and artistic value. After 1926, the buildings gradually set aside for the museum (now known as the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum). 1961 the State Council of the People's Republic of China for the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, the "World Heritage List in July 2004," the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang Imperial Palace "project.


30 avril 2002 pour fêter mon anniversaire 49 dans la région de Kankan de la Guinée 杰利巴克罗 deux projets de ponts construit une maison à l'intérieur. Sans ce type de logement, mais nous utilisons des matériaux locaux pour les propriétaires ont construit des maisons de nombreux avaient été laissés au propriétaire, vous pouvez clairement le voir sur la carte satellite.





Beijing to Tongliao railway steel bridge collapsed more Beijing Miyun Reservoir. 74 years I come here to practice in school.

Kowloon loose in Fengning county, 15 km northwest of five Township, According to experts, research, and this tree planting in the North Song Dynasty, After Six, dating back over 980 years of history. Kowloon loose 9.1 meters high, around 2.8 meters, the branches up to 13 meters. Viewed from the outside, it has nine thick stems, circled intertwined with nine branches, the branches like a faucet, the trunk curved like a Dragon, bark was massive, like Dragonscale nine branches roads like Long, soar into the sky, so the local people called Kowloon loose. So, why is it there in the world pines of reputation? Because it has a few odd in the world can be called a rare and unique.


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