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1970 Zhengzhou ditch Zhao suburbs farm 19 even, in 1972 studied at the Tianjin Railway Engineering School, graduating in 1974 after working in Zhengzhou Railway Bureau. He has participated in domestic railway large, medium-sized railway construction. 1988 overseas projects in Kuwait; participate in Guangzhou, the Longhai railway speed several times. In Africa and Guinea, Ethiopia, Botswana to participate in local road construction projects. Now retired at home] to continue my amateur photography, creative!

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Lugu Lake is located in the the Ninglang northern Yongning Township and Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, left side of the mountain a pair of Lugu Lake fell into the village from the the Ninglang city 73 kilometers, about 200 kilometers away from Lijiang Old Town. Lugu Lake as Sichuan and Yunnan provinces and boundary lakes. Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, Sichuan, about the total area of ​​2/3, 1/3 of the total area of Yunnan Province. Than Yunnan, Sichuan side of the shore line of shoreline longer. Lugu Lake area over 50 square kilometers, 2690 meters above sea level, with an average depth of 45 m, maximum depth of 93 meters, the transparency of up to 11 meters, maximum visibility of 12 meters, the lake is clear and blue, is the highest elevation lakes in Yunnan, but also the most freshwater lakes. Five of the lake island, three Peninsula and a seawall tombolo, of various shapes, jade-green.Lugu Lake is known as the "pearl of the plateau," said. Zhu Caochuan the lake islands Tingtingyuli, the different patterns, lush forest, green picturesque, and proximity to the meantime, forming, clear as a mirror, embellished with algal blooms, slowly glide in the blue above and slowly floating dry extravagant shuttle between water and sky folk songs, it adds a bit quaint, a bit quiet, away from the clamor City, uncontaminated virgin lake. In November 2009, Lugu Lake Lugu Lake location data from Baidu map, Baidu map data the final results shall prevail. A jury of experts of the national tourist attractions classified as AAAA-class scenic spots.







Located in the main city of Chongqing Yuzhong District, the most famous is naturally well-known Jiefangbei. Jiefangbei an acronym for "People's Liberation Monument", it represents peace and liberation. In the civil rights roads, national roads and Zou Rong Road Interchange, it is the witness of the war and the history of the liberation of Chongqing. It is only a memorial monument of the Chinese nation the victory. Jiefangbei from the back of the blue sky, see, most of the monument body was white, in some places is the flesh, the top of the frame clock, moving in all directions, to the whole point, they will burst into high-wide but also resonant sound. The tower is octagonal, and the top with a few antennas. At this point, the Jiefangbei seems quiet, solemn, solemn.

Xishan board, always to the Longmen over Samcheonggak, to the gantry, the gantry is located in Western Hills at the top of the cliffs, Luo Hanfeng from the gantry along the plank road to reach the top, but the narrow path along the cliff, but onlylet the two go back and forth to rub shoulders sideways over. Gantry circuitous path along the cliff cut, not only increased the gantry exports, so that visitors, such as flowing unimpeded, increasing a sense of security, and added a new scenic points. Enjoy the the gantry superb stone art, through the tunnel gantry along the stone steps, namely, up to the the Longmen new platform.



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