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saya anak pintar,,, dari usia 1 tahun sudah bisa pegang HP dan menjawab kalau ada penggilan dengan kata : iya, iya, iya..... hehehe... pokoknya menggemaskan...
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Lots of beach locations on the island Lakor that can be used for Snorkeling and Diving , which are located at the west coast of the Precepts of the northern end to the southern tip of the island than Lakor . At the very northern coast there Sila promontory named Tutueni : tutu = cape , eni = sand . There is a staircase leading to the seven layers of the ocean floor . At this location can also be used as one of the locations Snorkeling and Diving . The legend of seven stairs at Tutueni : Communities on the island of legends Lakor believe that everyone who died on the island Lakor , the spirits of people going down the stairs in Tutueni heading to the afterlife . Usually when someone dies will sound like a procession of people passing Sila coast towards the stairs . Many testimonies of people who happen to sleep around Sila beach when they catch a fish or when they make copra , heard the procession passed through the area , and when the They came home out people died in the village or other villages (go to this link for more news http://sher.es/OkNSj )

In the western part of the island Lakor. Sila beach (ferry boat harbor.) there is also a lighthouse. However, I have not take photos


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