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G'day JOJOGOGO hoo hoo haahaa or whatever your double dutch name is.

Just to let you know, that we were living in CQ for long time. Our favourite spots were Wild Cattle Island close to our home and this place. As my relatives lived north of Rokies ). Kids preferred this place as you do not have to cross this creek and at that time, they were afraid of these soldier crabs. Now about this place, we were usually placing ourselves at the front of this small reef (if you haven't been there yet, it is in the centre off the beach) So much for the facts.

As to the tone of your post, I would say: simply people use simply language.

Merry Xmass JOJOGOGO and Happy New year.

PS: There will be no more correspondences in this matter Mr. JOJOGOGOBLABLA. Panoramio is not a forum.

Thanks, I moved it. You sure have nice beaches.

This is a very nice picture. - - - V O T E D - - -!!

Greetings from Italy.

antorenz >>>> MY CONTEST PICTURE


Intriguing :) Voted. MY CONTEST

G'day Marko. You mention late answer, how is mine? 5 month after your answer, But it does not matter. The fun is here and the possibility of seeing the world via Google is fantastic. Tad from Australia :-{)

And yes it is!

Thansk Alan Now it makes sense to whay peopele were saying that quite a few shacks were build from this wreck. Though thy were not built from parts of the ship but from the cargo.

Sorry you are correct I have changed it

Well, this photo was done in 2004. And you can notice some drilling samples. In today's nickel price no wonder....Who owns it? Thanks


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