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I feel guilty Pong your work has been a major part of my inspiration and biggest influence on my photos. I think this photo maybe better than mine since the monks are involved not just lantern. YSL

Lady GooGoo La La

Bonsoir Patano,
Jolie photo avec de belle couleurs et un beau contraste. J'aime cette composition.

Gorgeous and Ravenscar looks terrific. L&F

Hi Nimra! You shot a piece of paradise! Great photo! Friendly greetings! Anton Trötscher

It would be nice to endless walk in this wonderful landscape. Ciao, Andrea

Happy a good new year my dear friend Jim. a long life to you and a lot of health. From Belo Horizonte - Brazil - Antonor

Sorry for the late response guys

linkenhouzer_Yep! that's me doing what I do well.. It's in my blood _Link and it keeps me from going stale!

Pavlik90~~~Amazingly, the British government, under the leadership of a woman who hated all the old industrial technologies along with all the craftsmen who had these great skills at their finger tips, decided to pull the plug on the traditional industries in favour of international banking and finance..She called them the "Service Industries"..What a stupid mistake!!!!

In just a few years, the very core of the major British manufacturing industries were finished..Coal mining, ship building, steel production, general fabrication and engineering machine shops soon followed suit, putting hundreds of thousands of skilled men and women on the dole, I was one of them..

Since employers in the UK do not employ men over the age of 50 (ageism) many of those who lost their jobs never worked again..Their skills were lost, many of them forever!

Then, a few years ago, along came the greatest depression ever to visit the Earth..Since the UK was heavily dependant on the income from the service industries, financial ruin was soon to cause serious economic decline..In truth, the UK operates at an economical level well below many, so-called, third world countries. And there, I rest my case!!

ali leventerler~~~~Centre lathe turning is a great skill that few people fully understand or even acquire. It takes many years of experience to fully understand the art of turning..Of course, the introduction of CNC manufacturing has ruled out the need for many of those old fashioned techniques..I compare them both, the outright winner is CNC..Long live the Turner!

AmJB~~~Not only was I away for two weeks but in fact I went _ AWOL_ for almost a year!

antonor~~~Antonar, my good friend, I'm flattered by your thoughtful words and that you see me in a good light..My biggest problem is that I sometimes say too much :)) read above and below

© Alan L~~~~I think that his application to a problem was typical of many craftsmen whose wealth of enormous skill helped to put the name Great Britain on the technological map..No doubt that Fred was a good all-rounder, but he was by no means unique! I guess that his steeple-jack adventures gave him the confidence to take on the part of "celebrity extraordinaire" and his antics certainly made good TV viewing! I guess that he knew a thing or two about the workings of the Health & Safety Executive, and how to avoid them!

Many thanks for your thoughtful and interesting comments guys!

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all

Fantastic capture. like Greetings l.siska


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