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Hello, Petra! This local shrine is a very small and usually not outstanding at all, but it looks very different with azalea blossoms in a pleasant May wind. Stairway to heaven is one of my favorite rock music! and I hope the real stairway to heaven lies as beautiful as this song and this place. Thanks, Petra, Best Regards. stone b

Hello, Petra and very happy to see you again! My town is in suburban area and there is nothing remarkable about sightseeing but it can be brilliant just for one week in every springtime with full bloom of cherry blossoms. When I reached this park, within 5 minutes' walk from my house, I found it extraordinary. The magic of spring has worked near here. Thank you very much for your kind comment and constantly visiting ,which is really encouraging! Best regards. stone b

Hello, Petra and thank you very much for your Christmas message. I think Christmas brings every people in the world great joy, and as for me, you are something like Christmas ( what a metaphor!), for I have been encouraged by your heartwarming comments even to my poor works and you have brought me a lot of joy! Thanks, Petra, I wish you a wonderful Christmas holidays! Best wishes. stone b

Hello, Petra, this lake lies within 40 minutes’drive and I was not going to visit it. After passing the point where I saw the whole lake, I thought I had seen something unusual. I went back and found the lake covered with the heavy morning mist. Thanks to the backlight and the mist, it wore something different than the usual one. Thanks, Petra, Best Regards. stone b

Hello, Petra, there usually lies featureless and monotonous fields in this area, but only at this point at the time, it changed into the completely different landscape of the dusk, which I happened to find on my way back home from a business trip. Your comment has given this photo another noble story. Thanks, Petra, Best Regards. stone b

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gaopiさん、こんばんは。はい、困ってます。google+へのアップグレードだと、なんだか本格的なSNSのようでちょっと苦手です。なんというか、人知れず、ひっそりやるのが好きで。(ならばアップするなと言われそうですが)。今くらいの環境が一番なじみます。しかもこういった分野に疎くて、大体Panoramioだってよく分からないままやってるくらいで。このままだと、終わったのを知らないまま、終わってしまう恐れが。何かいい手がありましたら、是非教えてください。 stone b

Hello, Petra. Splendid morning sunlight you have captured! I think this is a beautiful and well organized website which has clear policy and I 'm sure you will come up big in this site. As for me, I haven't decided yet. I've been toying with the idea of stopping uploading photos for sometime and study how to use camera in a proper way, which I haven't done yet. Anyway, I will follow you and you photos wherever you are! Thanks Petra. Best regards. stone b

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