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thank you for that magnificent panorama . A french paraglider . Fernand

The bridge is now completed; from 2010-10-16 when it's open for a special walking tour, you should be able to see dam photos from a new angle until the bridge opens to traffic in November and good photos will be difficult to get (no foot access).

Fantasic picture.

Yes! If you fell off here, you wouldn't stop bouncing for about half a minute.

It isn't a sheer drop, and gets almost flat after the first half-mile down, but if you've survived so far and roll over the next drop (that dark nick at the top of the photo a third from the left) it's a rugged bouncing roll for about a quarter mile into the gulch that holds the mule trail - and then you can walk the last mile and 1000 feet down to the River Colorado.

The photo is 2D and doesn't do the amazing scale of the drop justice. Go to the Google Earth view from DOWN in the canyon, looking up, and you get a better idea!

The first drop from the plateau into the Grand Canyon.

In this semi-arid landscape, trees can only survive where there is more moisture, such as in this sheltered spot just below the rim. The layers of harder rocks resist erosion and stick out, making shelves where roots can take hold.

The photograph was taken looking west from an observation platform at mid-morning : in the shadows the unmelted remains of a light overnight snowfall are clear.


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