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Whatever happened to the great Panoramio? What was Panoramio? Millions of photos given to the world by some of the most talented photographers and artists on the planet... Their contributions brought to Google Earth/Panoramio millions of visits from viewers all over the world. Panoramio was then purchased by Google; they decided to change the whole structure, consequently within a short time the whole thing has dried up. Before the Google purchase of Panoramio, I went from a very low number of views on the first 60 photos I gifted to Google Earth/Panoramio (60K views for the first 5 years), up to 10's of thousands of views a month (with 900 of my gifted photos). I saw many other photographers and artists getting millions of views on their work. Millions! Panoramio was a great thing for users. After Google purchased Panoramio they decided to change the whole format. I can speak for myself how that affected me; my views shrunk ten times and more (most months). Other users where publishing in their comments that it was having a similar affect on their views. Many voiced that they would prefer the old format but Google ignored them. What advantage could Google have changing this forum? The change has negatively affected most, if not all the users of Panoramio. Users are not getting the views their work should be getting so Google has taken that away by the change. Who did they take that from? From the generous photographers and artists that gifted this amazing image content to the whole world. Great enthusiasm and creativity was the norm with users before this change; inspiring the creation of thousands of "galleries" that showcased phenomenal images about almost every subject on the planet. The participation of millions of talented photographers and artists represented a huge gift to the world. The content helped people around the world to see parts of countries, cities and small towns that they would never have seen or even known about. They could view these images from their homes or coffee shops all over the world (anywhere there was internet connection). Where has all that gone? Google has taken the wind out of the sails; the great "Ship of Images" that was Panoramio is basically dead in the water (comparatively). Panoramio is now visited much less frequently and users are left to look for another more beneficial forum. To me Google making these changes showed how little they appreciate the gifts of the creatives that established this huge content of images. Not only that but Google profits by these images also. The agreement with users allows businesses to use the content without giving any compensation to the photographer/artist. I personally have found my photos on many travel and hotel sites. Yes, these sites acknowledge that I have the rights to this image/s and they do hyperlink it to my Panoramio page but they are now using these images without any compensation to myself. They do this with all the tens of millions of images on Google/Panoramio. Very clever way to get free content (I call this "IGGY" technology but that is another story). This free image use is far from the historic norm where businesses would have to pay for this content they used in their publications. Businesses using my images are not required to even ask me. This is a very smart deal for Google but not a good deal for me or other talented "users". My opinion. _______________________________________________________________________________ List of some of my Galleries on Panoramio......... ARTOGRAPHY:(,.............. ELIMINATION PHOTO GALLERY:(,.......... STREET STARS: (,.......... PHOTO EARTH: (,.......... SUBMISSION PHOTO: (,.......... SKYDANCE:(,.......... WORLD'S BEST IMAGES: ( I hope you enjoy my photography and the fantastic photography of some of the top photographers that I have invited to show the world.. Panoramio has a fantastic amoutn of gorgeous photography. It is well worth your time to visit Panoramio. ___________________________________________________________________________ My work is published under cmilton111, Charles Milton, Mika DePagio or Mika.



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