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Buckeyebabe, thank you for that story.

Buckeye: I have changed the title of this picture.

Those trains hauled 250,000 tons of rock each day from the pit down to the primary crusher. The copper ran about one to two percent of the tonnage. The rock was processed in the concentrator and then the smelter with the end product being blister copper ingots which were shipped to El Paso, TX for electrolytic processing. Gold and Molybdinum were recovered as well as pure copper.

I worked on those locomotives back in the 50's. The locomotive repair shop was located right in the pit and was capable of major overhauls

The building on the right used to be the Mexican restaurant "El Charro." We would go across the street to buy a beer at the market while our order was being prepared. El Charro was a bar with four bar stools, four tables, the cook behind the bar and the best Mexican food in the southwest! That was in 1948 - I'll bet it's closed now!

I was there in 1954 and the glacier reached to the main road. It has really receded since!

Tornado or, water spout if it is over water.

Yes, she is nude - but she is wearing sunglasses!

mi dispiace per le persone decedute.< ho visto la tua foto bella. io ne avrei un'altra da farti vedere se vuoi > <https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=371189152941277&set=a.371184496275076.85905.100001505862646&type=3&theater >

An excellent photo! Great colors. Did anyone notice the couple on the dock. They appear to be kissing. Great touch!


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