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Lovely structure, but crossing it leaves me weak at the knees…

Remember them well, thanks, George. I also remember the bike shop that was there before them - Woods. Australians, I believe.

I can still visualise the wall tiling at Gally Chipship. Unless my memory is playing tricks it was a similar vessel as the one on the half-penny (old) piece. Lovely chips as well.

Was only saying to someone the other day when I was a kid the old Suntan place was Pearl Assurance where my mom had her policies from

Fishmongers was Sault if I remember correctly and they also ran the chipshop. Was also a shop along there that sold dinky toys. There was an opening half-way up and there was a West Indian Barber (could been another nationality i was young and fascinated by him) who was a very pleasant and friendly gentleman. Of course it upset Roberts Barbers on my road me being sent there by my step dad

No sorry I cannot remember the telegraph pole, but I was very busy at that time

The photo's of the demolition were taken 25th to the 27th of May 2004

The Co-op at the Junction of Ogley road and Lichfield road Brownhills now a Gym, in the future no doubt people will ask why the Co-op Corner?

There seems to be some confusion over the name of Chasewater & Norton Pool. It was built on Norton Bog in May 1797 and as it was partly in the district of Norton Cannes it was naturally called Norton Pool. I moved close to Chasewater in 1960 and there is no doubt that by then it was called Chasewater. An extract from Wikipedia states.

(Under the terms of an Act of Abandonment obtained in 1954, most of the branches of the original Wyrley and Essington Canal were closed, including the branch from Ogley to Huddlesford, which was abandoned in 1955. The closing of this section of canal reduced the demand for water from Chasewater. In 1956 the reservoir is purchased by Brownhills Urban District Council from the British Transport Commission for £5,600 and the reservoir is renamed Chasewater.)

I have no way of knowing if that information is correct. But I do know that I lived & worked in Aldridge for three years prior to my move to Brownhills and frequently used Chasewater in those years. I have no doubt that people would have still called it Norton Pool then, (some still do) but at least in 1957 it was called Chasewater There was a Sailing Club at Chasewater at least in 1904. A Steam Boat named Winifred also gave trips round the pool until 1908.


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