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There seems to be some confusion over the name of Chasewater & Norton Pool. It was built on Norton Bog in May 1797 and as it was partly in the district of Norton Cannes it was naturally called Norton Pool. I moved close to Chasewater in 1960 and there is no doubt that by then it was called Chasewater. An extract from Wikipedia states.

(Under the terms of an Act of Abandonment obtained in 1954, most of the branches of the original Wyrley and Essington Canal were closed, including the branch from Ogley to Huddlesford, which was abandoned in 1955. The closing of this section of canal reduced the demand for water from Chasewater. In 1956 the reservoir is purchased by Brownhills Urban District Council from the British Transport Commission for £5,600 and the reservoir is renamed Chasewater.)

I have no way of knowing if that information is correct. But I do know that I lived & worked in Aldridge for three years prior to my move to Brownhills and frequently used Chasewater in those years. I have no doubt that people would have still called it Norton Pool then, (some still do) but at least in 1957 it was called Chasewater There was a Sailing Club at Chasewater at least in 1904. A Steam Boat named Winifred also gave trips round the pool until 1908.

ha' we lived in the silver court maisonettes over the then, pet shop in the mid 80's.

great pic once again !!

Good info, Thanks George. Credit to you for documenting all these things, stuff that I'm sure many people at the time thought were irrelevant but that have real historical interest - especially the buildings now long gone.

Hi George

It's a technique you develop after years of trying to decipher old aerial photos. Cars, demolished buildings and whether or not folk are parked at factories all help you work out when an image was taken.

It really is a fantastic, and very valuable photo. Thank you so much for sharing this, and all your other wonderful images.

I did a post for you this lunchtime

Cheers Bob

Hi folks, scratch that - the cycling permit has been abolished now.

See here

In favour of the more sensible Greenway Code, drawn up with the London Cycling Campaign.



weird looking at it like that!

Hello Howmuch, Thanks for the feedback. Not being a drinker I don't know much about Pubs, but even I feel sad about the demise of so many. They were Iconic Buildings and useful Landmarks. I still have a few more to add to my list.

Building the New Canal Bridge at Clayhanger after demolition of the older bridge

TIMINGS TOOLS There seems to be considerable confusion between Timings Tools and Bourne Tools. Timings Tools was started in the early 1950s on Lindon Road at the building with Ironson on it in the photo above and then became the largest Contract Toolroom in Western Europe. They Expanded into the building behind in Clayhanger road and built a press shop There in the old Gentleshaw Sand & Gravel Company workshop in about 1980 and started a Press Shop with presses up to 2,000 Tons. Press Tools are really machines that produce parts for Industry and Timings made Tools for many Car and washing machine Companies plus RR Aero Engines. The Company collapsed in 2000 due to many of its customers moving to Europe. Bourne Tools set up in the building to the right of RKG Pressings in Clayhanger Road in a building used as a shop that sold camping equipment.


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