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Hi, Thanks for the info. Having sampled the tea and cakes, I can only but agree with you. The picture came out quite well considering it was taken on a low res. mobile phone camera. Regards, B & A.

Many thanks for your kind comments. Regards, B & A.

Ah ha! Trinity House Lightvessel no. 55 (1888-1954) and she was off shore; just very old. Saw some big storms too. That would have been a ride! One thing to be able to maneuver, another thing entirely to be on the hook riding one out. If I read the dates as from to correctly, she was at Cross Sand 1888-1910 so would have been the vessel involved in the early wireless telegraphy as mentioned in GB0CMS - Caister Marconi Station.

Always thought one of those would make a nice retirement home. There was a program back in the 1990s on either PBS or the Travel Channel (before it became largely face stuffing foolishness) featuring someone buying something similar in the Thames and taking it across all the way to the Black Sea through Europe's canal system. Yeah, the way to end one's days.

Obviously a rather small lightship to the right but I cannot make out the name. A bit small and low freeboard to be oceanic. One of the Bristol Channel lights perhaps?

Just listed a few boats for you. B.

Some of it does not bother me much and some of the places displaced were not much to miss. I get just as you describe when I see good places, offering good service and variety, driven out to make way for the chains and popular garbage more assured of paying the jacked up rents in "gentrified" areas. I particularly dislike finding the world looking much the same and can be seen to snarl at "golden arches" and the like in Europe or Brasil. This little place, also using a yellow "M", had a "burger" that was unlike anything and better than any such thing I have had. I hear it is gone since my last visit. Here one can hardly tell the difference between an interstate exit in Maryland and Alabama. Same chains, same architecture, same (usually bad) food. I hate that!

Interesting idea to mix modern in with the old sculptures. Even not having plain stone might be "authentic" as were many of the original castle and cathedral figures painted?

The second crossing is thus well past my last crossing. Most were by rail anyway and the tunnel must be the way that crossed in my time too.


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