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Emumägi is the highest summit in Northern Estonia. On its peak is a 25m high watchtower (built in 1997). It is 166,6m above sea level and a perfect place to view the beautiful landscape of the area. At the foot of a watchtower lies a flat stone with dates carved into it showing the various times when the height of Emumägi has been measured.

A legend tells that a long time ago there was no such hill as Emumägi. But one time the epic hero Kalevipoeg returned from war, tied his horse here, and went to sleep. There were many mosquitoes and flies that bothered his horse so much that he pawed the ground of the meadow with his hoofs, thus creating the Emumägi.

The village of Emumägi is first mentioned in written data in 1241. Emumäe manor was built in 1665.

Just a comment: sometimes also named as Kesselaid.

hhhmmm, yet another place to visit "next time". In the past I recall going to that beach just a bit South which has the "pull off road" next to the main road... like June 2000. Been a while... Neat you pointed out where a stream enters the sea. Thanks! :-)

Thanks for a comment! Yes you are right, the resemblance is really there. Only that I think the building on your image is in much better condition. It seems to be under restoration, but the building I took an image of, is just ruins :).

The building on my image used to be (in Soviet times) a kitchen on the ground floor and some apartments on the second. The kitchen prepared food for hotels and burger selling places.

This photo of yours always reminds me of the GR&I depot in Kalamazoo, MI, USA. I have uploaded a pic of the depot here:

Quite a structure indeed for a bus stop. Thanks for uploading the additional photos.

Thanks a lot for a comment (my images get very few comments, so every new one is appreciated)!

Other side:, and then there are more pics around this one about the outlooks of the structure.

It is large when compared to the modern bus stops made of glass but I can tell you that many of the very old bus stops were like this. Up the hill from the currently displayed one is a similar huge "monument of the previous times" :P.

For instance I would point this one:

Instead of that, before the whole scenery was reconstructed a few years ago, there lied another monumental bus stop.s It had two sides (both facing the road), one facing thiswards where the image was taken and the other facing otherwards. And then in the night youngsters climbed on top of it for having a smoke and vodka in peace (it was not high, but the roof was so large that you couldn't see them from the ground). I have lived in these neighborhoods for my entire existence, therefore I can tell you this interesting stuff.


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