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Meine fotografische Vita findet Ihr unter []( --- Ich bin großer Verfechter korrekter Platzierungen und Purist: Bildbearbeitung nur für Panoramen oder höchstens noch nach falscher Belichtung. Kein HDR Kram oder Ähnliches. Aktuell: Diskutieren mit Personen, die den Willis Tower, vormals Sears Tower, von Chicago nach New York verschieben. Einfach so! My favorite picture: My favorite software:
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Haha. City going to sleep. Can't believe! :-)

Would work a little better if the point of view would show the silhouette carrying the "crown" of the Parachute Jump.

But it's a very special shot, as it is.

I agree with you - it's clearly so - even without the skyscrapers, and despite the NJ license plate :)

You did it in good time, Tom :)

I didn't watch MIB, but anything in black would look great in the foreground...

already taken by Donald Trump :)

i guess, that's the good thing...

yes - either camo, or Halloween costume :)

someone, because of whom i got 'Not selected for Google Earth or Google Maps' :)



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