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Meine fotografische Vita findet Ihr unter []( --- Ich bin großer Verfechter korrekter Platzierungen und Purist: Bildbearbeitung nur für Panoramen oder höchstens noch nach falscher Belichtung. Kein HDR Kram oder Ähnliches. Aktuell: Diskutieren mit Personen, die den Willis Tower, vormals Sears Tower, von Chicago nach New York verschieben. Einfach so! My favorite picture: My favorite software:'s conversations

Habe eben erstmals durch ein Youtube Video von dieser Enklave erfahren. Sehr spannend, danke für das Bild und danke für die Info, pertypix!

Very nice architetural contrast!

Facades many people pass by without taking notice. I think there is too much architecture in NYC to find so that none of us could ever find all that stuff in the city ...

Nice idea, but sadly not sharp. Hope you had a tripod or optical zoom :-)

Wow !!! Thanks for sharing and wishing the best to you!

Looks pretty cozy. I like these warm colors!

I wondered if those yellow stripes on the air/satellite view were IKEA trucks. It seems as if they aren't ... thanks for this point of view!

...glad you like it, Lala :) Welcome at south rim of Grand Canyon.


I agree Thomas - saw it from some distance, and was drawn to it - there's something very 'summery' and comforting in it...
Thank You!

great picture, 1 like



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