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Meine fotografische Vita findet Ihr unter []( --- Ich bin großer Verfechter korrekter Platzierungen und Purist: Bildbearbeitung nur für Panoramen oder höchstens noch nach falscher Belichtung. Kein HDR Kram oder Ähnliches. Aktuell: Diskutieren mit Personen, die den Willis Tower, vormals Sears Tower, von Chicago nach New York verschieben. Einfach so! My favorite picture: My favorite software:'s conversations

great picture, 1 like

Obrigado. Você tem fotos com detalhes ainda mais significativos. Parabéns.

Right, Tom, and this 'funny idea' goes way back!

"Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. For God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness..."

Yes, Tom - the beginning and the end of it :)

Me too, Antje - this color (paint) actually is called 'summer resort', and it's best in soft morning, or evening light... The contrasting violet hues help to offset and emphasize it a bit :)

Very colorful. I saw the High Line just in fall and winter yet. In any way it's always beautiful.

Ich hab zu danken für das F-oto :-) ... War nun schon einige Male in NY und stelle fest, es gibt doch auch in Manhattan immer wieder - wenn schon keine neuen Motive - neue Blickwinkel.

Спасибо davehard. Мой сын, который на этом фото, уже вырос, сейчас внук больше чем сын на этом фото.

Thank you very much waldwind for offering this detailed explanation - I can see the similarities and differences now! :)

Right, Tom - not typical, and not really NYC - it's a recreation of 'prohibition era' Atlantic City for filming of "Boardwalk Empire" (an American crime/period drama television series))

Yes David - 'guilty as charged', but with explanation - lack of polarizer made me do it (and also desire to show the sea)...
Glad to make it to your Favs in (my fuzzy) person - now I can wonder your private collection in after hours, when it's not crowded - thanks for the privilege! :)

Yes, Matthias, and it's oddly comforting to be in the past ('time-warp' as David described it) :)

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