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Have a nice weekend, Ainars.

Буду надеятся что с погодой повезёт в другой раз. Но я один из тех кто знает - в Москве очень много есть чего снимать в любую погоду! :)

возможно, что из этой точки тоже можно увидеть некоторие мачты генераторов но лично я более склоняюс на адрес в окресностях Ролава.

С уважением - Ainars

Es ļoti labi izprotu ka, noteikt atēla vecumu nav viegli un visa cieņa Jums par to ka dodiet iespēju aplūkot šīs fotogrāfijas. Šajā un šajā, kā arī šajā adresē atklāšanas datums uzrādīts 1986. Pieļauju ka, Jūsu fotogrāfiju varētu datēt ar 1984. gadu. Man tajā laikā bija vien 10 gadi, bet trīs atsevišķi stāvošās kājas atceros it labi. Ar cieņu.

Thank You for visit and great info link!

I used term former (but now I correct it!) after previous visitors comments, and till last week I have no lucky chances go and see current situation in city. I must believe on local fellows judges for long 20 years! :))

But last week again, I been in Moscow and as first task I run around my earlier photographed sites to fill up unique now and then series.

Cheers, Ainars

Hello Ian, glad to know You interested about "down under Riga"! We sometimes used "down under" term when speak about Australia, but actually You can say same term about rest of Europe, isn't? :)

Do You know if down under is known term only after Men At Work album or it existed long before pop culture impact?

If about Riga, we can be proud because over all three Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) Riga is in top in any measure list. It is bigger than others mentioned capital cities, and much more populated (20 years ago was 1 mill. but now there living about ~800000). Riga old town historical centre is bigger than in Vilnius or Tallinn. Also, historical centre is included in UNESCO World heritage list

Riga few years ago celebrated 800 years since establishing and first known references in old manuscripts.

If we look to Riga skyline from aside with good imagination we can see tower and roof lines like hearth rhythm cardiogramm drawings - some peaks up, then down, then peaks up again. :) I heard about this compared references used by scientists and Riga hystorians. It symbolizes Riga (and whole Latvia country) good times and bad times, then good times again. :)

We can be proud too, we saved numbers of old and very old churches in Riga central area, just only few of them is still like shells, which looks splendid from outside, but needs to be filled with love to Lord from inside again.

For small example - centrally located Orthodox cathedral for long 30 years was used for planetarium, cafe shop, and exhibition hall. After regaining independence ~20 years ago, it was returned to Christians confession.

IF You interested in some particular church, let me know, I will try browse and give You details. It will be interesting process for me too, I am trying collect photos of churches and old manor houses near me, where is possible.

Cheers, Ainars.

Thanks for great link.


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