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I have a passion for photography, motorcycling and travel. I specialise in landscapes and cityscapes - probably why I have not made much money at it. If you like what you see checkout my website:

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Hi Josef Pfefferle. Thank you. It's a lovely place for a visit. Sorry for the delay but I've just noticed your comment. All the best Tone

Very nice place & successful shot. I Like it a lot!

Like a mirror!!! Kind regards from Athens.

Beautiful shot and wonderful place. Like - My best regards!

"We were soon in the smooth water of the Quakish Lake, and took our turns at rowing and paddling across it. It is a small, irregular, but handsome lake, shut in on all sides by the forest, and showing no traces of man but some low boom in a distant cove, reserved for spring use. The spruce and cedar on its shores, hung with gray lichens, looked at a distance like the ghosts of trees. Ducks were sailing here and there on its surface, and a solitary loon, like a more living wave, — a vital spot on the lake's surface, — laughed and frolicked, and showed its straight leg, for our amusement. Joe Merry Mountain appeared in the northwest, as if it were looking down on this lake especially; and we had our first, but a partial view of Ktaadn, its summit veiled in clouds, like a dark isthmus in that quarter, connecting the heavens with the earth. After two miles of smooth rowing across this lake, we found ourselves in the river again, which was a continuous rapid for one mile, to the dam, requiring all the strength and skill of our boatmen to pole up it. " Henry Thoreau

The clock on the Exchange shows an extra hand for "Bristol Time"!

The clock was first installed in 1822. A second minute hand was later added to show the time in London as well as the local time in Bristol; the red minute hand shows Greenwich Mean Time and the black minute hand shows Bristol time. This became necessary following the arrival of the railways, which required a standardised time for timetabling around the country, known as railway time.

Bristol officially adopted railway time on 14 September 1852. The city is 2º 35' west of Greenwich, so when it is noon in Bristol by old local time, it is just after 12:10 p.m. in London by standard time.


Traveler Mtn and North Traveler a bit north of Katahdin.

Beautiful picture .... Best Wishes from the city of Ruda of Silesia - POLAND

Beautiful picture .... Best Wishes from the city of Ruda of Silesia - POLAND

Wow, look at those halos!

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