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A super night shot. * L * Greeting Günter.

schönes Bild, like Liebe ♥ Grüße sendet dir der bayernengel.

Yeah sometime simple is better,,haha

It's amazing how much difference a coat of paint can make. I wish I could paint my house different colors all the time. I get really tired of one thing. If I could perpetually do home renovations, I would love that.

I think places like this should use actual photos of their clients. I bet that would entice people to come way more than an already perfect model, don't you? I know I would come more readily if they were real people.

Getting laser hair removal done was the best money I ever spent. I'm serious. Never having to shave again is the greatest blessing I could have asked for!

I want eye surgery so bad! Wearing contacts or glasses has become such a pain in my butt that I can't stand doing it anymore. Lasik, here I come!

I've always wondered how people choose their plastic surgeons. I mean, do they just go by reviews? Or recommendations from friends? I think that would be the best way to go. A friend recommended We'll see if I get any, though. I haven't decided.

I wonder how long it takes to make these beautiful crystal chandeliers. Do you think each one is handmade? And how do they make the crystals? Ah, there are so many questions I have! But really what I want is one of these in my living room.

Whoa, I've never seen any chandeliers like that before! I usually see the kind with a bunch of crystal prisms, you know? Like the one on Titanic? But I really like these ones!

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