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Grew up in SF in Noe Valley neighborhood,in 1960 to 1966 and my Aunt Shirley used to date Johnny Orsino, SF-C,in 60 and took me to at least 150 gms, well between her, my Dad and Uncle(All Giants freaks!)during summer vac. but now I'm the only one left=8>( gets outta here alive I guess! Nobody, accept for Willie Mays,McCovey, Marichal,Felipe Alou(always my fav. plyr because I loved his gun for an arm! As great as Clemente's I thought and still do!O.Ceped,lotta guys on my 1960-1966 Giants team I'm not sure if alive still or not ie Jack Sanford, M.McCormick(Great P!)J. Pagan, who's home my Aunt Shirley took me to once for dinner and I'll never ever forget it! Both Matty and my hero "Man was I ever excited when I got there and saw Felipe Alou there! Went right up to em and said, "Just wanted you ta know Felipe I think you've got a better arm than even Roberto! he laughed and said, "No,no I doubt that!" I said, Ya wanna bet? Felipe: How much ya got John?" I checked my pockets and pulled out like 28 cents, said "How bout a whole quarter?"Which was a suitcase of money to me back then 50 yrs ago! Felipe then said,"No John!" "What makes you think I have that kinda money?" lol I said "Your a Giant man!Arn't you guys rich?" Felipe said, "I think you might be talkin bout Mays!" My Aunt: Now John! Stop that! Stop what? Felipe, "Oh he's fine, good kid!" "Just havin fun! I couldn't even believe how nice he was to me!" I mean, he really was "a GIANT in my world and I even had his authentic uniform!But to be completely honest here, I can't exactly remember what number it was but I know it was 22 or 23!" So yeah my dream was fullfilled man and I couldn't get it off my mind for months, told everyone I knew about it, I was one excited 10 yr old kid and still remember it like it was yesterday but can't exactly remember where Pagan lived but I think it was on a nice part of Dolores St and say 26th St., the street full of palm trees for miles! Where I went to school for 6 yrs, Edison Primary Public School where I really loved school and all my teachers especially but man we had a mean Principal! Dr. Kerveckkien (Russian guy) or something very close that I swear to you! Im laughin here only cuz his name was so similar to Dr. K's name, the nutjob that ended peoples lives and ended up doing time etc. Prob his brother as mean as my Principal was or I should say, "strict!"! Edison was/is still in between Dolores St and Chattanooga St It was around there somewhere if my memory is serving me right that Jose lived.? Nice place I remember that and great dinner! And there were about 5 Giants there having dinner with my Aunt and me. She was a 20 yr old Audrey Hepburn lookin gal and very single so they loved her! Life is truly funny sometimes because she could'a married a lot of those Giants back then but then in around 1968 married a real jerk weight liftin egoed out unfriendly kinda guy? Go figure as she dated Mike McCormick once I def. remember that! (I was thinkin, God I hope he isn't still alive and was married back then and somehow his wife of 50 + yrs reads this! Mike could be in some deep do-do! haha! I wish "Keip and Kruk or Felipe could read this..seriously cuz I think they may enjoy a bit of it! They could prob tell me where Pagan lived and it would refreshin my memory hopefully!Felipe could for sure! he was there so. The amazing thing to me here is how just a little event like that for a 10 yr baseball player (and a pretty darned good 3rd baseman/hitter too.)and huge Giants and MLB fan/stats studying kid, could mean soooo much to me and how "it literally changed my whole life for the better it seemed for maybe a whole year or so!" Probably changed my whole sports minded life forever because I'm still, and always have been, a huge baseball, NBA and Montana to Rice NFL bigtime fan so!But then so was my whole family, esp Dad and Uncle! Baseball encyc's orig. from St. Louis and now that I know how huge baseball has always been in St Louis, I get how they knew literally every stat imaginable in most big sports but baseball was the biggie for them both! I learned everything about 1925 to 1960 baseball by the time I was 13 yrs old as I was like a sponge, suckin it all in, always engaged in the conversations for exam, If you had to pick an all time 1st string ball team but only one P who would it be? I loved that kinda trivia and still do and Costas is a guy I've always admired because he reminds me soooo much of my Dad and Uncle Russ! The memory of baseball like only maybe a few others out there! A good example is when I was 10 yrs old neither of them could make me think there could possibly be anyone prior better than Willie Mays, all around wise! I'll never forget so many of the neat things they'd teach me like, well John, go get the baseball almanac and look at ALL of Babe Ruth's stats and I guarantee you you'll be amazed! Kids today, he said in 1962 or so, think Ruth was just a HR hitter but no! Just go check em out! And within 5 min I was so blown away by Ruth's stats, the amount of RBI's in a yr, or hits, even how great a P he was!His unbelievable B> Avg's! OMG! I just couldn't believe any of that or say Cy Youngs P stats! Talk about amazing! I remember saying, "So I guess nobody could hit back then huh? His answer! "Now who was it you just read about John?" Put me right in place! RUTH, The Bambino, my God what a hitter he was in his prime! He just could continually tear the cover off the ball 4 for 5, 5 for 6 or even a lotta 5 for 5's 2 HR's, 2 Dbls and single! A lot too! I said, Man I'd sure never want ta ever have ta pitch against him huh! Nope you sure wouldn't John, not when he was at his best! I still though think my all-time fav Giant is always going to be Mr Nasty himself, I have a ton of his memorbilia, Will "The Thrill" Clark!!! Oh yeah! Saw him play so many times and I've still never seen anybody play the game any harder or tougher than ol Will! Not just a great hitter but such an arm to go with it!And how pumped he could get! He, to me, was the true "Natural!!!" Yesss! That's one of the "good ol memories for sure!" I just can't decide who was the better defensive 1st baseman for SF, Will or JT Snow?? JT did things over there only God "might" be able ta do! And to close on a truly negative note, most may agree, the sickest I've ever been after a game was Gm 7 in SF, 1962 World Series, Yankees up by 1 run, bottom of the 9th, with 2 outs but with men on 2nd and 3rd and here comes Willie Mac and Candlestick has it's own 7.1 earthquake I swear! If anyone remembers what kinda power Ol Stretch had, he could hit I've always called em Steve Garvey line drives, a ball that just couldn't be hit any harder. Just not possible, finger breakers I called em!...just not scientifically possible to hit a ball any faster!! A lot like "Absolute Zero" is and what it means! Meaning you can not get something any colder because theres absolutely 0 heat in the atoms etc and you can't get there on Earth because of all the heat deep inside our Earth etc and you to travel 500,000 light years to find the place where we found absolute zero which is I think -472 degrees below zero! Well to me thats how hard McCovey hit that line drive that Bobby Richardson jumped up at 2nd and snagged! I absolutely could not believe what I just saw and never will...ever! Oh btw 1) That was it! Ny won the Series and 2) Willie McCoveys statue is directly to this pik's right, across McCoveys Cove and then down a 150ft walkway and there he is! There 1st time I stood next to that statue thats all I could think about! I said, "Willie! "My Dad always told me that offensively the most important thing there ever was is, "Ya just have ta hit em where they ain't!! Right!! Hahaha Then I said, in 62 why couldn't ya just hit that 250mph liner to his right or left about 4 or 5 ft????? We would'a had the 1962 ring too! But fate is fate is fate! "Keep on enjoyin them Giants will ya!" Man that Angel Pagan huh!!!

I guess this was the Warriors land site for their new $1.7 Billion Basketball & Music Concerts ONLY stadium, that's going to be w/out a doubt the #1 nicest NBA Arena in the world it will be so state of the art, plus great viewing of the floor from anywhere you sit,says Joe Lacob, 1/2 $Billionaire Owner of Warriors team, great guy too! That made me pretty happy that theres not EVER going to be any hockey here, Joe says: "Mainly because of the cost! If we built the new stadium setup for ice hockey as well, it would add $100,000,000 to the budget! No Thanks! Now if Michael J. Fox lived in SF maybe we'd consider it!! But such a great location, easy access for East Bay residents w/the bridge 1/2 mile from the stadium for big Eric Clapton,Journey,Huey Lewis and the News,the FAB, "Train", Santana,Phenom. Twr of Power and best ever horn section!,Metallica (Gotta throw a metal band in there esp. since they've sold like A Zillion albums!)So yeah, Lacob really had a huge smile w/ big dollar signs in em when he was talkin about using it bigtime for nothin but the "Big" name artist's for concerts! SF has been desperate for a nice venue like this for many years so I'm kinda jacked about it + ATT Giants Park is what, 500 yds down the street! Too bad The DeBartalo's didn't decide to build the new 49er stadium somewhere within walking distance of the other 2 places huh! Talk about a potentially "World famous "S.F. Sports Row and we're changing our Warriors name back to SF instead of the worn out and usually terrible GS teams!(Accept for the T.M.C. days! Now they were def. hot! To me Mully is in the Top 5 of greatest all time "pure shooters" the NBA has ever seen! Sorta reminded me a bit of Bird or Dominick Dubya as far as shooting goes! Now we got S.C. (Not USC!)and our owner J.Lac.,just last night was interviewed and called Curry "Oh we've only got the best shooter in the World is all!.."Quote unquote!" True and I agree! Esp. when he gets hot, he's already in the Bird, Mully, Dom Dubya league already! Phew! Just wait until he gets into his prime w/ about 3-4 yrs of more exper!!! Scary thought but I think he could break Kobe's 82 pt record! Maybe even Wilt's 100 pts.if it was a planned operation and he was fed the ball all night purposely at a time when his shooting had been extrem. hot so! He'd be a tired boy the way he drives the hoop so often! johnlovintunes@gmail


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