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In 1997 I was just getting into hiking and backpacking. I was using a cheap 35mm point and shoot camera to document my first wilderness hiking adventure—the Dinkey Lakes. A year later I was starting to familiarize myself with SLRs and look towards some educational avenues for photography. I was using my Dad’s 35mm Cannon AE-1 to document my growing passion for my desire to explore the Sierras and document my travels along the way. Over the next couple of years; I took some basic photography classes alongside my general college education, and spent about $1,000 or so on some camera equipment—pretty much the same stuff I have now, just not nearly as good. In 2007, I purchased my first DSLR—a very nice one too. I also began to invest serious sums of money in additional & better; hiking equipment, camera lenses, and additional camera equipment to match my talent as a photographer which was ever-so-growing quickly. I started to expand my main discipline of wilderness photography to other avenues of photography that I had less experience in, such as portrait and architectural photography. This has made me a better landscape photographer, seeing as people and buildings do show-up in my pictures from time to time. I’ve seen a lot over the past 15+ years that I’ve been geotagging all of these places that I visit. On a timely-note, the manner in which someone like myself prepares him or herself for an adventure into the wilderness or place not visited before, has changed dramatically. In the old days, the Internet didn’t exist and other than pricey picture books or even more pricey guides and/or travel services, it was hit and miss as to whether a place was a good as it looked or rumors had it. With the aid of digital photography, the Internet, social media, photo-sharing sites, and especially Google Earth, that answer as to whether a place is worth your while or not, has become much less uncertain. With dedicated and passionate individuals like myself, whom make all-out strives with their spare-time to bring good, depictive, and beautiful pictures of these places for all those to see with just the click of a mouse, it’s so much easier to plan your travels these days. Best-of-all, “IT’S FREE!” With all of my hard work and dedication to give this information to the public for free, I’m determined that someday I will have amassed the attention of some individual and/or group or organization that will open the door to or the start of a career opportunity in documentary, sort of like National Geographic or Bear Grylls “Man vs. Wild.” What drives me to do this regardless if that last part happens or not is that I have a lot of fun doing what I do and even more so, showing people my pictures and accounts of these places. That in itself is rewarding enough for me.

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We don't have snow like that down here in CA--I'm a little jealous...lol

Where did you come across this little fella?

David; you have some Great Shots. I've been by there on 395 many times but never had the opportunity to hike in and take photos. I'm an Aerial Photographer and have seen many Awesome sites though. I was stationed in the Navy at Fallon (East of Reno) in the 60's and grew up in S-Cal. Mitch San Antonio, Tx

How was the approach to this lake? We saw these from Lamarck Col and wanted to explore them.


The higher lake is just starting to show and the lower lake looks like it has an interesting delta.



This is a very beautiful area.


You know, the more that I think about it Randy, the more I think that the Mammoth Minarets would be our best bet for a serious climbing adventure. The approach is by far easier than the Palisades and there are so many more awesome climbs that we can do, some multiple possibilities in one day. Check it out: http://www.summitpost.org/minarets/247994 We can warm-up to some easy class 4 and 5 Volcanic Ridge, then go a little bigger like the Class 5 Central Chute on the Clyde Minare, etc...the possibilities are endless. It's a climber's/mountaineer's paradise. http://hikenhi.smugmug.com/Davids-Hiking-and/Mount-Ritter-July-2013/i-8BsQ25t/A



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