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Im Jahr 1990 erhielt ich meine erste Kamera "ломо 8м" in der UdSSR hergestellt. In den nächsten Jahren reiste ich nach China, Vietnam und Myanmar. Früher habe ich diese Kamera an meinen Reisen aufzuzeichnen. Seit 2005 arbeitete ich für eine Lokalzeitung als Bild-Korrespondent. Starte meine Reise nach Europa in Großbritannien, Ich reiste nach Deutschland, Österreich, Italien und Finnland in fast drei Jahren. Meine Lieblingsstadt ist seit jeher Frankfurt am Main, obwohl der Zeit verändert. My pursuing of impressive pictures is inherited from my family. But the ways we deliver it have been distinguished. I intend to focus more on city scene. As you see in this gallery, eighty percent of my picture reflects great cities. Skylines are my favorite theme. I use Google Earth prior my travel to simulate the best geographical and lighting positions to capture the skyline. However, good weather and excellent position rarely meet together in limited travel days. In my eyes, natural sceneries are more likely to duplicate themselves; assuredly my opponents claim that cities are all the same. La porte de l'Amérique du Nord a ouvert pour moi avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Il s'agit d'une base, mais pas la fin. Ma route vers l'Europe est un petit détour. Je passe beaucoup de temps à voyager à travers l'Asie-Pacifique. Il a commencé avec le Vietnam. Ces voyages effectivement gagné quelques crédits pour mon voyage en Europe. Mais l'histoire est interrompu après avoir traversé le Pacifique, il commence à partir du oringinal. La seule différence, c'est ma prochaine visite à l'Europe commence à partir de l'Amérique. Bohao Zhao Porträt in Januar 2012, Baden-Württemberg Member since August 2007, Hong Kong
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Dear ah_kalam, welcome to Jeju group, we appreciate to have a new member participated!

제주 그룹에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 이제 더 많은 사진을 공유할 수 있습니다!

Your Teammate, Bohao

Südbahnhof ist für High-Speed-Bahnen konzipiert.

  • Hello Bronzebrick,
  • Do not be sorry, it happens to me too every now and then. I am sorry too for the delayed response. We had a short break in the Greece sun. Thank you for your kind comments.
  • Have a very nice day and warmest greetings from Oirschot - Holland, Jan

Dear ssSUH, thanks for your comment and hope you'll like this series photos of Shanghai night view. Bohao

Welcome to Jeju group, we appreciate to have a new member! Your Teammate Bohao

제주 그룹에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 귀하의 팀 메이트 박호







Dear Bohao, Thank you for your comment! I'm a fan of Japan Railways, the station has taken pictures of the city. But really I like station in the country!


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