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My name is Mike, I am happily married to Amy and we have two boys. My wife and I take photos as a hobby. We have an excellent knowledge of the Oregon mountains and forestry and try to capture some of these beautiful sites on film. Our other hobbies include music, art, camping, hiking, lapidary arts, cuisine and geocache hunting. Sorry, we will be keeping the best secrets for us and a few locals.
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The exquisite makings for jewelery the translucency of the green moss agate is astonishing. Held up to daylight you can easily see the green moss that ran through the clear agate as it was being formed by nature.

I have so many Gemstones to show and tell I simply did not know where to start. This one, (not really a gemstone) had to be shown off. I have never seen anything like it in my life. The pores on top are covered with crystal clear agate.

Something in my collection that happens to be far more rare than the yearly Woolly Meadowfoam flower. This is Petrified Wood from the Ash tree when it used to grow to a large size. I placed a grape in the pic for size relativity. Its total weight would be around 15 pounds. On the left is a nice slab of dendrite agate, perfect for a cabochon.

The bottom portion of this unknown species is filled with gold in the veins, that was my doing since the piece was found in two pieces I thought it should be mended together with as natural as possible adherents.

Thank you memphismike. I'm planning to do a better one ;)



The two Gray stripes (at about 7 or 8 o' clock from center of picture) are the Medford Airports Runways.

Just barely above the ground, fixing to land. Look down the runway on the right and left hand sides are the Table Rocks. The one on the left is harder to make out the flat top due to the mountains directly behind.

Aerial view over Barnett and Black Oak. The school is St. Marys.

Uncle Steve and I at Medfod Air Hangar, just before all systems check and go from tower. Behind us is his Sesna 4 seater. It was early in the morning with hopes to beat the heat pockets that cause turbulence easily with small craft.

Explanation; My uncle brought his Sesna and took me for a flight, great opportunity for shots. This is highway 238 between Jacksonville and Medford, you can only see a portion of Jacksonville on left hand side of photo.


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