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Beautiful shot! I made it to Belgium but ran out of time before making it to the Netherlands. I enjoyed your photos.

This painting came from my memories of sitting under a wisteria covered arbor outside my parents bedroom with a National Geographic magazine dreaming of traveling to places in the magazine. It was a peaceful and tranquil place that fed the imagination of a little girl. As I grew older, the wisteria vine also grew and finally spread over the top of the arbor to make a screen from the hot sun. Their long purple clusters of flowers cascaded down from the top of the arbor. I loved the sweet smell and pretty sight of the wisteria in bloom each spring. After their flowering time was spent, the soft blooms dropped to the ground to form a beautiful blanket of purple. In 1979, I flew to New York City on my first business trip. It was a wonderful experience. The dream only whispered under the covered arbor was alive.

I was blessed with a job that required travel. Between 1979 and 1995 I traveled to many places within the USA and to England, Germany, Denmark, Japan and more. In The dream only whispered under the covered arbor was alive. In a 1992 business trip to Brussels, Belgium, I took the occasion to see that beautiful city. It was entertaining, mentally challenging, and an artistically stimulating adventure. The number one Brussels attraction is the Grand Place. Walking for several blocks through narrow cobblestone streets gave no hint of what spectacular beauty awaited me. Suddenly, I entered a great plaza. I stopped, frozen in wonder. On three sides were beautifully ornamented buildings of the ancient Guilds of the Middle Ages. The other side displayed the ancient Town Hall. The medieval architecture was commanding. Guild houses had stone facades and were eight to ten stories tall. All the guild houses were of Baroque design. It was far more beautiful than I had seen in "National Geographic." Einstein wrote that, "dreams are the previews of our future." My wisteria-covered arbor only whispered a hint of the beauty that was to be found in the world away from that summer retreat. What this example should teach us all is that dreams do come true. Let us dream positive visions because they may be the previews of our futures!


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