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Draken's conversations

Thank you Angelika, have a nice weekend too!!

Hi Draken, thanks for the visit.

This is not just a hotel. There is a real hotel part but also private villas that rented out. Including one that is owned by Ralph Lauren. I forgot to check the picture but my guess is that Ralph Lauren would wear a polo shirt ;-)

Best regards from Belgium - Hans

Wonderful capture indeed!! Congrats

How many stars? ;–)

¡Qué título! y ¡qué foto! Brillante.

Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina

That bridge has been standing since 134 AD, that's impressive! It's a nice viewpoint, me and Ihor was there in the night.

The trick with HDR as I see it is to avoid a strong glow effect, but instead utilize the power of merging different exposures to see more details in the image. Details in the shadows and highlighted areas. Searching on Google will give many tutorials on HDR done on Photoshop. This one seems to be OK. I personally prefer Photomatix for HDR, but I could give Photoshop another try.

Oslo is nice, although it's lacking the typical "capital" feel you might have when visiting other capitals. Oslo has few of those old buildings that says "power and wealth". It's often easy to see how powerful a city ones was or is by looking at the buildings. Oslo is more modest because it was not a capital in the times when most of the older building were constructed. However, This photo shows that Oslo's new wealth and power is now being manifested in the newest buildings.

Oslo is a bit cold in January, although I'm used to colder conditions. Here is the average temperatures for the last year, it was a unusually cold summer last year. I hope to go there in the summer to do more photos. It's nicer to be on a photowalk when it's safe to sit down on a bench without freezing off the butt :) Greetings from Norway (which is still waiting for the spring...)


Per il sig. Draken.

Ciao Draken,

grazie molto per l'apprezzamento,

e per la gradita visita,

un saluto cordiale, Fabio Rosati - Velletri - Rm - Italy -



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