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Ashbel Smith is a little known but active and influential leader in the founding of Texas. Go here for more details about his life http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashbel_Smith

The picture fails miserably at giving a feel for the size. These giant columns are all that remains of the old wooden blimp hanger used to house multiple blimps during World War II when blimps were used for enemy submarine surveillance. They serve as a reminder of the importance Naval Airships served in our history. For more information on this remarkable place go here http://www.texas-flyer.com/chambers/landmark.htm

A Houston, Texas retiree named John Milkovisch drank a lot of beer, so he got the idea of adorning his home with beer cans. He covered the outside with flattened beer cans and hung beer can tops like wind chimes all around the house. The house has become a Houston landmark and has been restored and preserved by the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. For more information on John's house go here http://www.beercanhouse.org

You're correct, but if you notice the name at the top of the building it's University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center which is the title of the picture. I decided not to create confusion by trying to explain it was a fancy parking garage, not the actual hospital.

Thanks. Actually that zone at about calf level is a freeway. It always has bumper to bumper traffic. If you look to the left you can see the concrete apron. I removed the cars -- they distracted from the sculpture.

The sculpture is maybe 10 feet tall. There is an area in Houston that has several of these large iron sculptures. I may post a couple more of them.

Yes, that is a very cool shot! Thanks for posting this!

Thanks. It's as shot. That's the natural color, no photoshopping.

This is Armand Bayou, near Armand Bayou Nature Center, the largest urban wildlife refuge in the United States.

Thanks kamaly

I just happened to come by here. Apparently I get notices of some comments and not others.



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