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Another candidate for recovery and possible restoration.

This one looks to be in quite good condition overall, and should be considered for recovery and maybe restoration , these old vehicles have historical value , if only they could talk !!!

Tolle Bilder, hab mir einige angeschaut, und viele kenne ich von meinen Reisen. Alles Gute für die Reise nach Osten! Grüße

ده كبري ام الطيور عطبره وهو شريان هام ربط مابين ولايه نهر النيل وولايه بورتسودان من الناحيه الشرقيه والولايه الشماليه من الناحيه الغربيه وتعتبر قريه ام الطيور من القري النموزجيه التي تسايرت او توافقت مع نفسها في حيس انها اصبحت مدينه في قالب قروي اصيل لم تنسي ان تحمل معها ارثها الثقافي والاجتماعي وترابطها الاسري ونسيجها الاجتماعي المتماسك @

der ist nicht alt geworden.............

These water pots at the base of a lone hill called Abu Balas are thought to be 200-300 years old. They may have been brought full and deposited there by Senussi warriors from the Eastern Libya oases intent on raiding their Egyptian neighbours. A midway supply of potable water when crossing the Great Sand Sea would have been an essential resource to ensure their safe return.

These low outcrops are the product of wind erosion of an old lake bed, and are known as YARDANGS or MUD LIONS.

I Like it,

Grüße, Alfred

This was the town hospital, I know this because I was born there in 1954 in the room at the far right hand end of the building, it is now occupied by several families who I presume took it over after independance.

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