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Thanks Xenia! I'm very happy that you like it. :) The sun was at almost the perfect angle to give a perpendicular shadow.

Greetings, Ryan

Thank you Xenia! I think it had to do with the speed of the water and the shadows...as you can see in some of the sunlight patches, individual water drops are captured so the blurring is mostly an illusion =)

Yeah the footing was a little treacherous, but all for a good shot right? This fall leads into an area called the Devil's Kitchen. I hope you can find a similar area near you, they are beautiful to see and photograph!

Greetings from New York!

You have every right to be proud of it, Xenia, and I'm delighted to "found" it! I am always pleased when I discover a gem like this that has had no comments and not as many views as it deserves!

(I'm glad you did yourself no injury taking this but I know how absorbed one can become!)

Greetings, Marilyn

Hello Xenia! Thanks for visiting. There are several trails that wind through this forest. The landscape has many hills and valleys, cliffs and creeks. This bridge carries one trail across a creek which is normally empty. But when a strong rain comes, this creek will fill up with water.

Greetings from Missouri, Ryan

Hi Xenia! :D

I'm just very, very grateful you can speak English! :D :D :D While I had a Swiss Great Grandfather that could speak 8 languages and a German Great Grandmother I'm afraid I have zero abilities in that area. :'( I've borrowed a few books on learning the German language but I have a hard time understanding the grammatical and orthographic rules.

Trust me regarding driving in that area we are worried about our poor car. While it isn't that old it has many a KM on it and a breakdown in that area would be a very isolating experience (cell phone towers are few and far between in that area). I'd probably be tempted to sweet talk one of the horses into letting me ride it bareback to the nearest ranch. ;) I wouldn't expect those to be an easy find either since ranches tend to rather large (12 to 20 sections) since they don't grow grain.

I'll be visiting your pages soon and you can take all the time you need to reply.

Greetings, Pam


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