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Paris will have events happening more or less all year round, particularly visible during the weekends, or "fin de semaine" as the French themselves are supposed to say. Here it is multi-, multi event with very lots of differing people in the streets, great show and lots of lively people.

Reindeer grazing on the edge of town. Towards midnight and the sun is getting closer to the horizon and the sea in the north. Seeing reindeer here is an everyday experience; actually, they are quite a nuisance on the roads and in the gardens, but totally harmless.

Frafjord with the fjord, the salmon river and the famous waterfall, Månafossen, are well worth visiting. Its about 1 hours drive from Stavanger. Great terrain and lots of places for a picnic.

Kvitnes on the deserted east side of Tana fjord. A few houses/ sheds which today are used as cottages particularly during the summer. But you can also get here on snowmobiles during the winter. Isolated and very serene.

Steinbitt - i.e "stonebiters" in Norwegian. So called because they munch clams and sea urchins. Good to eat, expensive to buy. But you may catch them on a rod. Don't however, put your hand in there. And don't get too close to my family. I found these at the aquarium in Vågan Lofoten. They also have an interesting museum showing how people lived up here in the old days. To get here? Take plane via Oslo to Svolvær. If you drive from Oslo it is going to take you at least three whole days. Consequently, everybody uses planes in Norway.

Madland, Rogaland, Norway. A wonderful place to go for hikes- good for your sanity. This photo was taken 2 November 2008. First snow surprise me a bit because only 100 meters below there was only ice.

Most subway stations in Paris are interesting and some of them very! There is so much history hidden in them that they have made a special book about it. Just consider this station: here the French royalty was beheaded in 1794. And they still celebrate it up on the Place above us here every August! And there are many hundred stations. This is the way to get around, and cheaply.

Haugesund. The bridge to Risøya, where there are lots of old houses and much activity. Also, this is also where you find the ferry to distant Utsira, the westernmost community in Norway.

ivarlein, 3 minutter siden, sa:

The town of Haugesund with its 33000 inhabitants is situated close to the sea, by the inlets and islands that constitute this charming town. Houses are made of wood and you still see signs of constructions from 100 years ago, like this one: an old shed for a cart and perhaps some horses.

Indian tourists flock to this place both for a ritual cleansing, the puja, in the 3 oceans at the same time, and also just to visit. The time to be here is early in the morning ( at 5-7) and at sunset. Really a magical place where people are jubilantly happy and full of expectations. OK hotels like the Sumadra with great view of the oceans. About 20-25 euoros a night. Ok temple to visit.



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