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I believe they have been shooting some of the ones that have come down lower in the ranges - due to the fact that their feeding habbits are somewhat out of kilter with our native growth. Once the bushes are nibbled bare they did no come back too well at all.

How did you sister in law like your humour David?

Cheers, Peter.

Oh, and I did run along the old narrow gauge railline many a time. The rail had been lifted and the sleepers long gone then.

You had to keep an eye out for snakes - the area is a haven for them, but, I can only remember seeing a few in all my years running in South Australia. Saw more in Victoria though, even though we spent only some 12 or 13 months there... Saw none in 18 months in Wagga, NSW, though.

If you make noise while walking or running (pretty hard NOT to make noise when your feet hit the ground when you are running!) then the snakes are alerted, forwarned that something is moving near them. So they become pretty cautious, moving away if possible or under something, for their own safety.

Mind you, our neighbour did find a Western Brown snake under their caravan - or, their dog, Tiny, found it. Not to his advantage as he was only a (small) terrier, and the snake was something like 5' long. Snake took two barrels of a 12g shotgun before neighbour dragged it out with a rake...

The Western Brown snake is one of the few really agressive snakes in Oz. The Death Adder is probably more deadly, but will not normally have a go at you.

I fronted one of those while goat shooting in the Flinders Ranges, and were within a few feet of the snake. He just flicked his tonge out to taste the air, and I backed off as quick as I could...

No goats that day!!

While visiting a friends place, near Devils Peak (see photo above for location), he warned us that there had been several sightings of snakes in the tall grass, and when his dog started barking, Harry spotted a large snakes head standing up above the grass. The dog was quickly grabbed by his owner and we moved away into the house.

Thats another one of the snakes you need to respect. -P-

...or maybe it is all the buildings that hold the fog in when it gets into ChCh...

Sure looks to be in the need of a little TLC...

That is the other end of Lake Pearson - some 10km further up the road.

Arthurs Pass is even further....

Yes, all the earthquakes have definatly affect the tidal flow - its runnng uphill now...

There hahs been over 2000 aftershocks since 4th Sept. Should stop some time in the next 5 years.

Oops, that should be Effel Tower. Said with an 'I'.

My Lad said it is the '...big lightening rod, that he saw while on a visit to Mona...'

I think somebody conned you - telling you that this is the CONway river.

More like the Kowai River, which runs into the Waimak, mid Canterbury...

Check this location 43°19'53.83"S 171°51'53.66"E

I do not know the Conway area, but this river you drive over on the way to the Westcoast.

Cheers, Peter, Christchurch, NZ.

See my comment on the earlier photo - Cheers, Peter, Christchurch.


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