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and lets not forget why they are out there trying to survive (like the rest of us) in the first place...because the stupid HUMANS brought them here in ships, then didn't look after them properly. I am fully aware what they do to our environment, but lets be humane and dignified about solving a problem that our very own ancestors caused. No offence intended to anyone...just due respect to all living creatures.

Love the caption!

Wunderschönes Bild ,herrliche Farben ,schöne Galerie gefällt mir gut Grüße aus Deutschland Silke

Every building on the theater side of the street.... And most on the opposite side are all gone now.... This street is now 99% vacant lot.....

This photo IS NOT IN CHCH, I'm afraid.

Please look at the location again....


Austin Deans was born in this building, I belive, and named after his Aunt, Jane Austin.

I see in the newspaper the other day, that they are spending a lot on fixing the building up again.

Old Austin would be pretty pleased about that... but he departed only a little while ago.

Austin Deans was born in the building beside this one, and it had been in the Deans family for many years.

He was our last surviving WWII artist...

Farwell Austin, it was nice to have talked to you, and admired your paintings!

Cheers, Peter

The church was sold some time prior to the 4Sept2010 shake and the steple was removed some time ago.

It stands on the ground in front of the damaged building.

No idea of the situation, bar for the visuals when I've walked or driven past.

This building/tower is damaged from 22 Feb shakes, and the spire is tilted at about 45º - done by the sudden movement of the first shake at 12:53pm.

At the bottem they have put concrete and steel rods plus strapping etc, in an attempt to keep it togeather...

Victoria Mansions behind are still cordoned off, and seem to have damage that is visiable from the road.


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