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With the church gone, they have put 185 white chairs on the site - one for every person who lost their lives due to the 22 Feb 11 shake sequence.

But stil the shakes go on - to quote at 1:01am 10/9/2012:-

Last shake #11967 was Magnitude 2.09 (II) at 17.19 km at 1:57pm, about 11 hr 3 mins ago, 50 metres from *510 Linwood Ave, Woolston, Christchurch 8062, New Zealand


As at 8 Sept 2012, the top half is gone. Give it another 6 months it will be all down.

Building on LHS is still there, but not sure if it will be in a year or so.

This is on the 'Go-ing list' as it seems to have outlived its usefull life.

The river (sea?) wall in the foreground is badly moved and broken is several places.

At the closed point to a 'Joint' in this image, back to the bridge (where image taken), it is leaning about 50cm into the river at the top.

Lots of ground movenment around here.

Can not see CERA saving this quaint building, nor the CCC or business owner.

This little building has been 'pulled apart', and is still sitting on the ground, but in several bits, all wrapped up, around and over.

Needs some extensive TLC, I think...

While the model on the bike may well be gone, as are the buildings on either side, however, Shands Emporium is still there - or it was only 6 days ago, Francis.

But it is up for sale "For nix, as long as you relocate it, fix it and pay for it...."

It would need a few $$$, I'd reckon, though.

Cheers, Peter, eastern ChCh

Die wundervolle Stimmung in dem herrlichen Foto gefällt mir sehr gut - Beste Grüße und L 3 von Wolfgang -

That should be 'Winter in Japan...' should it not?

You have placed it in the Eyre Peninsular, South Australia....

Normally it ranges between 7ºC and 45ºC in summer at the location your icon is on GE.

Please correct the location. Thank you.

Gidday Peter, We stayed a year at the Morwell Caravan Park in the '80's.

Mind you, it was not on this side of the coal pit, but on the northern side, and looking over the fence let you see into the mine!.

Today, that spot is part of the northern side of the mine...

Just part of our 18 years in Australia.

Cheers, Peter, Christchurch.

Thanks for visiting and your kind comment! Greetings, Darja.

Yes, New Regent Street is still there, with some damage, and will be reopened in the future. No idea when though...



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