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The image in Java are more spritual than those in Myanmar, perhaps due to the javaness culture. The face is calm and in deep meditation expression. Eye almost closed. Burmese's image eye is bright or very alert, not to mention some do have cosmetic make-up. This piece somehow resemble the one in Thailand, Ayutthya at Wat Naphrameru. Sitting up right on a chair.

Beautiful photos in a wonderful collection!

The comments that come with each photo are very meaningfull and give out much needed information. Congratulations.

Waiting for more of your photos and knowledge.

The only one wears a spectacles and owned 4 pairs! It started in the 18th century by a noblemen who donated a pair out of curiosity. The first pair was stolen. The second pair is enshrined inside the image. Guess who donated the third one, now on display in a glass cabinet next to it? This fourth one is made with a golden frame.

Kothaung means 90,000. Supposely there are 90,000 buddha images big and small in the hey day 400 years ago. Half the temple were still buried when I visited them. Hope they retrive the original from the pile of ruin. It has a typical large simplified ear and large head too that looks very raw. It still maintain a bun on his head. You can see the same feature in Monywa cave temple.


Thanks. I have been collecting since 2002. Will be looking out for more old one in other countries.


Early form of Buddha image in India. European feature and appears to have a little moustache. It does has a natural curly hair, like any ordinary Indian. Could this be the origin that the curly hair have been translated varbally and evolved as Buddhism spread toward the East into pointed knots in Thailand and rounded shell like in China.

It looks just like any ordinary life-size Buddha in an ordinary temple with no big sign board nor any publicity. Fortunately a local guide point out to me. The monk even brought a stool for me to stand next to it to have a better view. Was it made intentionally for a porpose or was it a sculptor mistake?

Good one are in special Antique shops, but they wouldn't allow me to photograph. A handful of not so good one are left in the museum. Majority disappeared among the private collectors.

This one resemble the one in Canti Mendut, near Borobudur, Indonesia, in term of size and enclosed in a small hall. Both sitting down with stretch legs as in sitting on a chair, unlike the usual crossed legs in meditation pose.

This Buddha owns a pair of slipper donated by the owner of a slipper factory in Monywa. Don't think they can put it on, so the temple guardian lock it up in a glass cabinet for display.


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