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Such a beautiful and peaceful face though!

All Buddha images originated from India. So the similarity might be that both are done in the early part with the help of the Indian artisans. Over the years, the local artisans further modified the style to suit them. In Thailand, it has been transformed into many unique Thai styles such as U-Thon, Lanna, Rathanakosin, etc depending on the period of the Kingdom. Indonesia didn't tranformed further because the Arab came and convert the majority into Islam. But there are differences actually, Sukhothai face is sharper and has a flame symbol on top of his head, while indonesia's Buddha face is rounder and just a bun on his head. The ear in Borobudurs' is simplified while the Sukhothai one is modified elegantly into long curvy shape and touching the shoulder. The only things that changes alot from the early style is the hair.

Not quite. This large forehead 3.5 meter high Buddha has its outer layer of gold paint peeled off through ageing, revealing the red undercoat paint used for lacquer. Thought not much restoration is done in most of the images in this temple, it rustic look does have a sense of antiquity. Due to lack of qualified artisan, most are badly restored in other temples. Anyway might as well leave it as it is which is rather appealing. Sulamani Phato in Bagan.

Most Buddha image has its eye casting downward in half close contemplating expression. From an elevated platform, a large one can be very empowering. This one, however, has its pupil made to look upward staring at you. For a moment you thought he knew you have done something wrong?! Quite a few other pieces in this temple are made that way. Look rather strange at close up, but appears alright if you stand further away from the altar. Not sure it is the original expression or due to poor restoration work. Gaw Daw Palin Paya in Bagan.

A simplified Burmese white marble Buddha sculpture. The hair is painted over the smooth surface with lacquer. The usual curly knobs are missing. It also has a rounded conical shape as a bun and of course the usual 3 layers round the neck. Somehow in other countries if a Buddha image is made without the curly hair, it looks funny, but not in this Burmese style. Bagaya Kyaung in Anamapura.

Elaborate head-dress of a Burmese Buddha image in the Shan state, accord to resemble a King status. The feature is very tibetian like. Similar to the tribe, it include a ear ring on their Buddha image. This piece is made of wood and paste with reflecting glass and stones. Nga Hpe Kyaung, Inle lake

Typical Burmese Buddha image made of white marble stone. The face features are simply paint over. Notice the 3 layers on the neck. Buddha ears are extremely long, touching the shoulder. ShweMawDaw at Bago.

Another piece of Shan state white marble Buddha image with ear ring. This one is made of white marble. Fortunately the face is spare with simple details and the rest is painted with gold paint. Nga Phe Kyaung, Inle lake.

One of the unusual reclining Buddha with his right hand supporting his body upright, mermaid pose. Certainly he is not sleeping. Notice the typical Mandalay style drapery. Most reclining/sleeping Buddha are resting on the right. Hpo Win Daung near Monywa.

The Buddha statue feel like moving out from the wall....NICE


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