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I am glade you like it. Will add in 3 more countries by end of this year. Thanks

Cave temple Buddha image are carved out from the cave wall like this one. It is partially like relief and you can't remove them. Some complete one are carved bigger than the entrance. All these is to prevent thief. However some of the images are done ouside and brought it in. Those are later addition donated by patrons. Most of the 'cave' temple are not natural cave. They are carved out from natural solid rock. Particular favourite one is sandstone hill. Have to give full credit to these ancient craftmen using only hand tools! The word 'cave' is also being loosely used in Myanmar. Some 'cave' temple are nothing more than a man-made hall, a building. It is due to the translation in Burmese.

Another unusual piece. It has triple upper eyelid layers. The forehead object is the third eye symbol made of wire curled instead of the usual engraving. The main figure of Chanthaya Paya, Shwebo. 18th Century.

This little one, about 2 feet high, has his forehead stuck with 6 precious stones instead of the usual sybmol. It is keep in a locked glass case. Excavated not long ago from the temple ground while doing renovation. They love painting their Buddha image with gold paint. Probably 18th century. Shwe Daza Paya at Shwebo.

Third eye symbol are commonly found in Myanmar image. Some countries simply leave it blank while some will put in a little dot. A typical dot Indian still use today when visiting temple. The Burmese also like to decorate the aura behind the Buddha head with blinking light.

Just upload one in Myanmar, Hpo Win Daung, near Monywa. This one has a rare mermaid pose. I actually was told there is one resting on the left! Unfortunately the person who told me couldn't remember the place. I have to see it myself to believe it.

A collection of old wooden Buddha sculptures are stored in this far outpost quiet temple, a town near the China border called Keng Tung. The carving is quite elaborate, especially the ear and the big upper eyelid, quite similar to those in Laos.

I see better now. With so many caves and images, you have a lot of pictures to take and a lot of informations to give us. I am sure I am not the only one who will be waiting for your photos and knowledge.

The most beautiful piece in yangon. Measuring at 5 storey high! From the outside it looks like a huge unimpressive warehouse. The Burmese like to wear their Buddha image with what they called regalia and changed them according to season. At the back of this image is a huge elaborate teak wood carving added on not long ago. Notice the head band too in this one.

There are many new bronze model like this one, polished to glitter like gold! It keep reminding of R2D2! Anyway it does give an interesting feature to the image. Notice that this design has a head band and I love the long ear touching the shoulder from the front view.


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